Commercial Buildings

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Ford's Green Roof Growing Strong 10 Years Later

Ford created a garden on the roof of its Dearborn truck factory. That was 10 years ago, when green roofs were unpopular in the U.S. (there were fewer than  50 at the time, according to Detroit Free Press). According to the same source, there are over 10,000 of them. Such an immense surge  in popularity! […]

October 21st

IKEA To Begin A New Rooftop Solar Project

IKEA now wants to install another rooftop solar power plant in Massachusetts. IKEA has been on a roll recently, and has been installing solar systems for many stores across the United States, China, and the United Kingdom as part of its 100% clean energy initiative. They even intend to start selling solar panels in the […]

October 16th

Energy Efficiency Wins Big in New Residential Building Codes

A groundbreaking change to the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code will offer a new way to achieve significant energy savings while providing more flexibility to builders. Energy efficiency advocates celebrated a major victory this week at the 2013 International Code Council (ICC) Annual Conference and Public Comment Hearings where building code officials approved an updated […]

October 11th

Benefits of On-Site Machining

Any commercial activity that relies on heavy plant machinery also has a vested interest in making sure that downtime, whether due to maintenance, improvements or repairs, is kept to an absolute minimum. Continued operational effectiveness has to be maintained if disruptions to production processes are to be avoided and this can present particular problems depending […]

October 10th


VENICE UNIVERSITY EXCEEDED HARVARD AND US TREASURY The Venetian Gothic palace overlooking the Grand Canal received the prestigious certification from the U.S. Green Building Council Ca’ Foscari, Venice University’s headquarter, is the oldest LEED-certified building on the planet. The Venetian Gothic palace, built in 1453 on the Grand Canal, exceeded two American buildings, Fay House […]

October 4th