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John Perlin Series: Five Major Breakthroughs in Solar Energy – Part II

I am pleased  to post this second in a series of solar energy  articles from John Perlin, based on his ground breaking book, Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy. Perlin discusses the major breakthroughs in solar energy over the millennia. Second Major Breakthrough – Solar Architecture and Solar Cities The second major breakthrough […]

September 22nd

John Perlin Series: Five Major Breakthroughs in Solar Energy – Part I

I am pleased  to introduce this series of articles from John Perlin, based on his ground breaking book, “Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy.” Perlin will discuss the major breakthroughs in solar energy over the millennia.   First Major Breakthrough – Learning where the sun is throughout the year No one seems to know where […]

September 11th

Treehouse in Memorial City, Both are More than a Name Suggests

As cities re-develop and re-define themselves in new urban and sustainable ways, mixed-used mini-cities are becoming popular oasises in the midst of traditional metropolitan areas. In Houston, Texas, one of such, ‘city-with-in-a-city’ exists and is called Memorial City. It is 7.6 million SF of a place that intertwines the living, shopping, working and play parts […]

August 23rd

Composite Material Reduces Cost of Solar Panels

Yingli Green Energy, the largest vertically integrated photovoltaic module manufacturer in the world, known as “Yingli Solar,” announced that they have successfully completed trial production of monocrystalline ingots for solar panels using new material technology. Instead of using traditional graphite crucibles when pulling monocrystalline ingots, Yingli experimented with crucibles made from a carbon-carbon (C-C) composite […]

August 12th

Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles Now Available in Delaware & Hawaii

We are happy to report the Dow line of solar shingles is now available in two more states. Dow Solar announced today that the availability of DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles, an award-winning residential solar roofing system, is expanding to Delaware and Hawaii. Delaware and Hawaii are among the smaller states in the nation, both in […]

August 7th

Programs Make Affordable Solar Power Available to Low-Income Neighborhoods

Many low-income neighborhoods have not joined the solar power revolution because of the perceived high initial cost of solar.  These are the very areas that could most benefit from lowered utility bills.  That could be changing, however, as companies and states are offering programs designed to assist these neighborhoods in getting affordable solar power. Developers […]

July 7th

Mexico’s Largest Rooftop Solar Array Features SolarWorld Solar Panels with Racking System Design

An audio-headset factory in Tijuana, Mexico, is now home to the largest, privately owned roof-mounted solar installation in all of Latin America. The 1.16-megawatt system features solar panels, racking and system engineering fromSolarWorld, the largest solar manufacturer in the Americas for nearly 40 years.producer of audio communications headphones. The project is the second of SolarWorld […]

June 24th

Solar Power Gardens Allow Those Without Roof Access to Go Solar

A new arrangement for getting solar power, called a solar power garden, is popping up in a few states, such as Massachusetts and Colorado, and it involves customers buying in to a solar array at another location, and receiving credit for the power their panels produce.  It is especially popular with apartment dwellers and those […]

June 23rd

Mosaic’s Home Solar Loan Program Expands

Originally Published in the ECOreport Mosaic just issue a press release about their “robust package of new loan products, technology & services”. This was the first company to use crowd-sourcing to finance solar projects, and I had the opportunity…

June 18th

Energy Innovation: Solar Roadways and Solar Sidewalks

PV-powered roads and walkways being tested in U.S. Federal Highway Administration research program Get to know a solar-to-electricity system that isn’t stuck on the rooftop. Thus is s story about tenacity in renewable energy research and a long-range vision that might provide one solution to take on climate change using a network of solar roads, […]

June 16th

The Birth of On-Grid Rooftop Photovoltaics

Special thanks to author John Perlin for this contribution about the introduction of rooftop photovoltaics. The material comes from Perlin’s recently published book, Let It Shine: The 6000-Year Story of Solar Energy. John Ericsson had gained great fame in America for designing the Monitor, the first iron ship that helped save the Union forces during America’s […]

June 12th