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New Energy Technologies and National Renewable Energy Laboratory Develop ‘Invisible Wires’ for Transporting Electricity on SolarWindow

New Energy Technologies, Inc., a developer of innovative technologies for generating sustainable electricity, announces that scientists collaboratively developing New Energy’s SolarWindow technology – capable of generating electricity on see-through glass – have successfully collected and transported electricity using a virtually ‘invisible’ conductive wiring system developed for SolarWindow.

March 15th

Kyocera and Softbank to Build 4.2MW Mega-Solar Project in Kyoto, Japan

The Kyocera Group and SB Energy Corp. today announced that the two companies have been selected by Kyoto City to build and operate a 4.2-megawatt (MW) solar power plant. The utility-scale solar power plant will be the first of its kind in Kyoto Prefecture, and becomes the largest solar power installation in the prefecture.

March 5th

Taliesin West Retrofits for Solar Power

The foundation overseeing Taliesin West, the famed desert showplace designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, will soon install a 250-kilowatt solar system at Taliesin West through partnerships with First Solar Inc. and Big Green Zero, a sustainable energy development company.

March 2nd

Massive Battery Could Provide Solar Energy After Dark

Implementing solar energy generation can be tricky, because peak usage is the same time a when the sun starts to disappear, thus, reducing electricity generation. Creating a way to store energy during the day and then deliver it when needed is one way to make solar energy a more practical solution, and Arizona Public Service Company have been testing a new 1.5 megawatt-hour energy storage system.

February 27th

PV Pavilion Completed on Campus of Potsdam University of Applied Sciences

A 35-meter-long photovoltaic pavilion adds the finishing touch to the campus of Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and is to be used as a space for social events, brainstorming ideas and presentations. Odersun solar modules cover the whole building. Made from 25 mm-thick break-proof security glass, the PV modules act as façade elements and were specially developed and manufactured for this project.

February 17th

Israeli CSP Pioneer AORA Launches Modular Tulip System in Almeria, Spain

I had the privilege of visiting AORA’s launch of its hybrid modular “Tulip” CSP system at Spain’s solar energy development park outside of Almeria. What I saw was tremendously impressive. This affordable energy solution can be used in numerous places that don’t even have access to the electric grid. The potential for this technology sparks […]

February 10th

Backyard Box Brings Green and Sustainable Design to Your Backyard

Seattle residents can now add a fully functioning living abode in their backyard due to new legislation that passed recently, and Backyard Box heeds the call with their new Backyard cottages or modular homes. This award-winning design is compact, functional, and stylish to boot. According to the Press Release by Backyard Box, The pre-designed modular […]

June 17th