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First Yale Team Ever Provides Efficient Design for Solar Decathlon 2015

For the first time, Yale is participating in this year’s Solar Decathlon.  The design focuses on the use of modules, with all of the unit’s plumbing, ventilation, and electrical components being housed in just one section of the house. “Our team has been really looking at how we can embed sustainability into the house itself,” […]

September 8th

Collegiate Teams Target Net Zero At Solar Decathlon 2015

Sixteen collegiate teams from over 27 different schools will soon be vying for the ultimate in home energy efficiency.  The US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon – America’s premier collegiate competition that challenges students from around the world to design, build and operate highly energy efficient, solar-powered houses – will open October 8, 2015 in […]

September 1st

New Partnership Helps California Businesses Get Solar Power for Less

Renew Financial, a leading clean energy finance company, and SolarCity recently announced a partnership that creates a unique financing option for small and medium-sized businesses that combines low-cost SolarCity-structured financing with Renew’s PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program through the CaliforniaFIRST program. CaliforniaFIRST provides affordable financing for efficiency upgrades — including drought-tolerant landscaping, energy efficiency improvements […]

August 10th

Net Zero Case Study: Bullitt Center – Energy

The Bullitt Center in Seattle, Washington, is one of the most self-sufficient buildings on the planet.  It is net zero energy and, after the water reuse system is approved by city authorities, net zero water.  Net zero means that the building uses the same amount as it creates or generates – it is self-sufficient.  In […]

January 15th

Author John Perlin and The Solar Cell

In a discussion today about solar energy and the coming Year of Light, author John Perlin helped enlighten me about the importance of the solar cell (photovoltaic systems) as a source for renewable electricity. What is the biggest consideration in designing a PV system, as opposed to a solar thermal system that uses multiple heliostats? […]

December 18th

Your Solar Panels Are Facing the Wrong Way

Conventional wisdom says that panels should be installed facing south to get the most solar exposure (in the northern hemisphere). South-facing panels create the most power in the morning and mid-day, but peak demand for electricity typically occurs in the late afternoon. Because of that, a number of solar experts have begun to say that […]

October 24th

Books for Change: Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook – 14th Edition

Here is an updated book on solar living we look forward to receiving. Real Good Solar Living Sourcebook: Your Complete Guide to Living Beyond the Grid with Renewable Energy Technologies and Sustainable Living 14th Edition – Revised and Updated   by John Schaeffer The 14th edition of Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook  is now available. This […]

October 10th

Solar City Offering Financing Programs for Home Solar

Good news on solar financing came for those wanting to convert their electrical energy supply to solar panels, but have been road-blocked by affordability issues. Solar City has announced it will start offering homeowners a new form of financing for their home solar system called MyPower. This financing method will function like a hybrid between […]

October 9th

This Solar Cell Stores Its Own Power Like a Battery

This solar cell you see magnified in these pictures is unlike any other that’s come before it- because it stores power. This patent-pending device, invented at The Ohio State University, is the world’s first solar battery. This intention has plenty of potential to be a disruptive factor for the renewable energy industry. In the October […]

October 6th

Links Leading to Today’s Solar Revolution

This miniseries on the solar revolution is based on John Perlin’s Book, Let It Shine: The Story 6000-Year of Solar Energy. We commence with the discovery of photosensitivity. Read this , then read his excellent book. Part 1 – The Discovery of the Photosensitivity of Selenium When my book, Let It Shine: The Story 6000-Year of […]

October 3rd

John Perlin Solar Energy History Series: Part III

I am pleased  to post this third in a series of SOLAR ENERGY  history articles from John Perlin, based on his ground breaking book, Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy. Perlin discusses the major breakthroughs in solar energy throughout the millennia — here the solar heat trap. Third Major Breakthrough – Glass as a Solar Heat Trap Vitruvius, […]

September 29th

NREL Power Lunch Lecture Series Features John Perlin

For those individuals able to attend, I highly recommend this NREL Power Lunch lecture, featuring John Perlin, author of  “Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy.” October 1 lecture  by John Perlin, author, lecturer, consultant — solar energy & forest preservation John Perlin will present a lecture on his new book, Let It […]

September 26th

UChicago-Argonne National Lab Team Improves Solar Cell Efficiency

Great research on solar cell efficiency improvements continues to be reported, this time from scientists in the University of Chicago’s chemistry department, the Institute for Molecular Engineering, and Argonne National Laboratory. We offer our highest praise to support the evolution of the renewable energy industry, which in turn, will boost better products for green building. New […]

September 25th