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GE Awarded 545 Megawatts of Commitments to Power 26 Brazil Wind Farms

GE  won 545 megawatts (MW) of orders for wind turbines in Brazil’s A-3 auction, which was held on November 18. The total amount of energy auctioned was 867 MW and GE secured 63 percent of the auction capacity. GE will provide 1.7-100 and 1.85-82.5 turbines for wind farms developed by Casa dos Ventos, Eletrosul, Contour Global, CEEE, PEC, Rio Energy and […]

November 22nd


YEAR-TO-DATE, RENEWABLES OUTPACE COAL, OIL, AND NUCLEAR POWER COMBINED According to the latest “Energy Infrastructure Update” report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Office of Energy Projects, solar, biomass, and wind “units” provided 694 MW of new electrical generating capacity last month or 99.3% of all new generation placed in-service (the balance of 5 MW was […]

November 21st

High bat mortality from wind turbines

Renewable energy solutions from wind turbines provide promise worldwide that longterm sustainable energy solutions will form a foundation for future energy capture and distribution strategies. Such solutions do no not always come about without paying a significant price, however. This report on wind turbines and massive bat deaths is disturbing. Clean energy cure needs to […]

November 11th

NREL Calculates Emissions and Costs of Power Plant Cycling for Increased Renewable Energy

Economic research on renewable energies like wind and solar  will provide an advanced foundation for the development and expansion of viable sustainable energy programs. Read the following press release from NREL. New research from the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) quantifies the potential impacts of increasing wind and solar power generation on the […]

September 25th

Will Painting Wind Turbine Blades Minimise Bird Collisions?

Interesting! [repostus]Will Painting Wind Turbine Blades Minimise Bird Collisions? (via Clean Technica) A new research project has been initiated to determine whether changing the colour of wind turbine blades will have any effect on the number of bird deaths caused by birds unceremoniously careening into the massive blades. The project is a of Energy…

August 12th

Distributed Wind Energy Is Taking Off

Localized, distributed wind energy is becoming increasingly common in the US, according to a new report from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The report makes it clear that it’s becoming increasingly common for Americans to simply install wind turbines directly on — or very close to — their homes, farms, or businesses, for the purpose of […]

August 10th

GE-Powered Santa Catarina Wind Farm Goes Online in Mexico

“Thanks to this project, we will be able to supply electricity for the next 20 years and generate important saving to the counties, which currently need the money to restore their finances, improve public services and continue working on security issues in Monterrey,” stated Carlos Jinich, general manager, Comexhidro.

July 25th

Solar News & Wind News

[repostus jump=4 hash=5933b4189188a44ffd0f8659fb3d8852 title=Solar+News+%26%23038%3B+Wind+News+%28German+Virtual+Power+Plants%3B+Solar+Robots%3B+Energiewende+Investigation%26%238230%3B%29 host=Clean+Technica short=1I2OP snip=Make+sure+you+haven%E2%80%99t+missed+the+awesome+solar+and+wind+power+stories+we%E2%80%99ve+covered+here+on+CleanTechnica+in+the+past+week.+After+checking+to+make+sure+you+didn%E2%80%99t+commit+that+partial+sin%2C+check+out+these+top+solar+and+wind+stories+from+around%26hellip%3B thumb=6413457]

July 18th

Solar News & Wind News (Electric Slavery, Insanity In Congress…)

Weekly solar and wind energy news comes to GBE from Zach Shahan at CleanTechnica. [repostus jump=4 hash=d3d75294282f5922549e82bea9dca4c1 title=Solar+News+%26%23038%3B+Wind+News+%28Electric+Slavery%2C+Insanity+In+Congress%26%238230%3B%29 host=Clean+Technica short=1HLe7 snip=Naturally%2C+be+sure+to+check+out+the+hottest+solar+energy+news+and+wind+energy+news+of+the+past+week+%E2%80%94+the+stories+we+already+covered.+But+for+even+a+bit+more%2C+check+out+the+21+solar+and+wind+energy+stories+below.+Solar+Energy+%2B+Wind+Energy+Congress%26hellip%3B thumb=6344828]

July 10th

First Wind and Avista Celebrate Milestone at Palouse Wind Project

First Wind, an independent U.S.-based renewable energy company, and Avista today commemorated the generation of 150,000 megawatt hours (MWh) by the Palouse Wind project since its start of commercial operations in December 2012. Since the Palouse Wind project went online, it has brought significant long-term tax revenue to Whitman County while generating enough clean energy to power the homes of about 30,000 Avista customers.

July 9th

Wind Power Forecast: Industry Will Add Over 241 Gigawatts of Capacity from 2012 to 2017

With the addition of 44.9 gigawatts in new installations in 2012, world wind power capacity grew to approximately 285.7 GW, an increase of 18.6 percent in the total wind power installation base. Average annual growth over the past 5 years has been 17.8 percent, achieved during the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, even with traditionally large markets for wind power in economic recession in both North America and Europe.

July 3rd