Fuel cells

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YEAR-TO-DATE, RENEWABLES OUTPACE COAL, OIL, AND NUCLEAR POWER COMBINED According to the latest “Energy Infrastructure Update” report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Office of Energy Projects, solar, biomass, and wind “units” provided 694 MW of new electrical generating capacity last month or 99.3% of all new generation placed in-service (the balance of 5 MW was […]

November 21st

World's First "Ene-Farm" Home Fuel Cell for Condominiums to Be Released

This October 21 press announcement on a condominium fuel cell to soon be released n Japan in interesting. Expect to see much more concerning the development of fuel cells that can substantially reduce energy consumption. “Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. President: Tsuyoshi Okamoto and Panasonic Corporation President: Kazuhiro Tsuga today announced the joint development of the […]

November 8th

Creating Inexpensive Hydrogen Fuel From Water

A new, relatively inexpensive means of producing hydrogen fuel from water — relying on charcoal powder and lasers — has now been created by researchers. The new method owes its relative affordability to the cheaper materials involved — charcoal and carbon powder rather than expensive catalysts or high-power electric currents. As of now, though, the […]

August 30th

Green Hydrogen Fuel Thanks To Microorganisms In Salt Flats?

This article has been reposted from Green Building Elements sister site CleanTechnica. Bacteriorhodopsin — an intriguing protein found within the membranes of the ancient microorganisms living in the desert salt flats of California and Nevada — may allow for the cheap, efficient production of “environmentally friendly” hydrogen fuel from nothing but sunlight and saltwater, according […]

July 23rd

Bacteria Use Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide to Produce Electricity

Researchers have engineered a strain of electricity-producing bacteria that can grow using hydrogen gas as its sole electron donor and carbon dioxide as its sole source of carbon. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst report their findings at the 113th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology.

May 20th

Renewable Energy Big Pic: Part 1 (Including 34 Charts & Graphs)

As the end of the year approaches, this post concerning renewable energy from Zach Shahan at Clean Technica provides an excellent string of information. We will follow up on this post with Part 2. [repostus] Renewable Energy Big Pic: Part 1 (Including 34 Charts & Graphs) (via Clean Technica)   As I mentioned in my […]

December 17th

Renewables & Storage Could Power Full Electric Grid Cost-Effectively 99.9% Of The Time By 2030: Report

[repostus hash=aa397bd67f1e4b0e71c5ebcc60470460 title=Wind%2C+Solar%2C+%26%23038%3B+Storage+Could+Power+Full+Electric+Grid+Cost+Effectively+99.9%25+Of+The+Time+By+2030%3A+Report host=Clean+Technica short=1wz67 snip=%C2%A0+Imagine%2C+if+you+will+clean%2C+renewable+energy+almost+fully+powering+a+full-scale+electricity+grid.+Ok%2C+it%E2%80%99s%C2%A0hard+to+believe+now%2C+but+with+recent%C2%A0advances+in+wind+and+solar+power%2C+it+may+not+be+that+far+off.+And%2C+it+may+come+within+the+next+two+decades%2C+if+researchers+from+the+University+of+Delaware%26hellip%3B thumb=3679708 jump=3]

December 11th

Visiting the Fabulous Collection of Doctor Renewables

This treasure trove of information on renewables features a remarkable video library of technical and scientific demos addressing a wide range of subject matter. Rousseau cache presently houses more than 300 topics, from interviews to demonstrations. The website states that a new video is added daily — a remarkable undertaking.

October 9th

Biofuel Waste Product Recycled for Electricity

A byproduct of biofuel manufacture can power microbial fuel cells to generate electricity cheaply and efficiently, according to scientists presenting their work at the Society for General Microbiology’s Autumn Conference. The work could help develop self-powered devices that would depollute waste water and be used to survey weather in extreme environments.

September 5th

Company Perspectives: SiGNa Chemistry Brings Smart Hydrogen Fuel Cells to the Renewables Marketplace

According to Carney, when these fuel cartridges are used to provide electricity, the only emissions are water vapor and a benign by-product, sodium silicate – a desirable energy solution that emits no greenhouse gases or toxic byproducts, from supply chain to application. And once the powder in a NaSi cartridge is depleted, both the cartridge and remaining material can be fully recycled.

August 9th

Xcel Energy Seeks More Renewables in New Mexico

SPS is seeking, on an annual basis, approximately 88,705 MWh of “other” renewable energy generation as defined by the New Mexico Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), or an equivalent amount of biogas of approximately 665,300 MMBtu (one million British thermal units) to be in commercial operation no later than January 1, 2015. SPS prefers that the biomass resources be located in New Mexico.

August 1st

eBay to Build America’s Largest Fuel Cell Data Center

[repostus hash=531ccd0bd0d2cde8ebd788441b79ea23 title=eBay+to+Build+America%E2%80%99s+Largest+Fuel+Cell+Data+Center host=Clean+Technica short=1g2ad snip=%C2%A0+Global+concerns+about+climate+change%2C+dependence+on+oil+imports+and+increasing+oil+prices+have+brought+renewable+energy+onto+the+centre+stage+of+various+data+centers+across+the+world.+Taking+this+into+consideration%2C+online+giant+eBay+has+planned+to+power+its+main+data+centre+in+Utah+primarily+with%26hellip%3B thumb=http%3A%2F%2Fimg.1.rp-api.com%2Fthumb%2F2355644 jump=1]

July 3rd