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Best Solar Pool Heater In 2023 (For In-ground and Above Ground Pools)

Solar Pool Heater

Nobody wants to suffer through getting in an ice-cold pool, but the cost of heating one can be extraordinarily high and harmful to the environment. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can warm your pool, save money, and protect your surroundings with a solar energy heater. (1) However, with so many different types…

Spin Cells: The Newest Development in Solar Technology (That May Entirely Change the Game)

Spin Cells

According to SGIP, a typical solar panel can produce approximately 320 watts of electricity. We can attest to that estimate, as the best solar pool heaters, and top rated solar attic fans you can buy are usually in that ballpark. But, imagine if there is a device that can generate over 20 times more power…

5 Ways to Determine if Solar Energy is Right for You

Is Solar Energy is Right for You

Solar is one of the fastest growing alternative sources of energy, with its adoption increasing exponentially. Experts predict the solar energy market will experience a record 14% growth in 2020 alone. You might feel like you’re missing out, but is solar energy for you? Residential adoption means more common household products are being run by…