DenverUrbanism: An Online Publication for Denver’s City Life

Every city has publications that are all about that place. One of Denver’s online sites that helps the community members and visitors to the Mile High City be aware and take part in local activities, meetings and news is DenverUrbanism. “DenverUrbanism provides news, ideas, and commentary about urbanism in Denver and advocates a progressive pro-urban agenda for the Mile High City.” DenverUrbanism was launched in 2010 and is all about city life in Denver. It is a spin off from…

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Construction site

What Is LEED? – Sustainable Sites

This is the second post in a series on the LEED green building rating system.  The first post provided an introduction to LEED. Sustainable Sites The first category of LEED prerequisites and credits has to do with the location and piece of land the project is built on.  LEED Sustainable Sites credits deal with protecting natural habitat, keeping open spaces, dealing with rainwater, and heat island and light pollution reduction. Construction Activity Pollution Prevention This measure is required for LEED…

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Green building standard is coming soon

Agencies Announce Partnership to Develop Green Construction Code

The International Code Council (ICC), ASHRAE, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced last week the signing of a memorandum to collaborate on the development of Standard 189.1, the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) and the LEED green building program. The unprecedented cooperation to develop a green construction code aims to create a comprehensive framework for jurisdictions looking to implement and adopt green building regulations and codes…

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Treehouse in Memorial City, Both are More than a Name Suggests

As cities re-develop and re-define themselves in new urban and sustainable ways, mixed-used mini-cities are becoming popular oasises in the midst of traditional metropolitan areas. In Houston, Texas, one of such, ‘city-with-in-a-city’ exists and is called Memorial City. It is 7.6 million SF of a place that intertwines the living, shopping, working and play parts of its population’s lives. Memorial City is, “A privately-held real estate investment, development and management company headquarters.” Part of that headquarters is a 14,700 SF,…

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Guest Post: How Businesses Are Reducing Their Environmental Impact with ISO 14001

Thanks to environmental writer Emma James for providing this post on ISO 14001 and its environmental impact. For the uninitiated, “ISO 14001” may seem to have little to do with the environment, but in fact nothing could be further from the truth! ISO 14001 is a quality management system specifically designed to help businesses manage their environmental impact. Since 2004, the number of businesses becoming 14001 certified has seen a 70% increase, as care for the environment becomes more important…

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New efficiency standards will save consumers money

DOE Finalizes Furnace Fan Energy Efficiency Standards

The Department of Energy announced final furnace fan energy efficiency standards today, the one-year anniversary of the release of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. “The part of the Climate Action Plan that got the most attention was the EPA rules on power plants,” but the plan was packed with smaller DOE measures that will add up over time, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said at a Washington, D.C., forum hosted by the League of Conservation Voters. “We are making progress [because]…

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