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Ron Finley Proves Food Forest Concept on Vacant Land

This inspiring TED presentation by Ron Finley about planting a food forest in front of his house in South-Central LA — home to many food deserts — has been around for some time. With planting season here, this video is still very much worth seeing and sharing with anybody interested in green building. Ron Finley: […]

April 21st

1st TalkSolar + CleanTechnica Podcast!

For those wanting to stay current about solar energy, this is a good program to watch. This is the press release. [repostus]1st TalkSolar + CleanTechnica Podcast! (Tables Turned) (via Clean Technica) As announced the other day, TalkSolar and CleanTechnica have teamed up for TalkSolar’s second season. The first show was on Thursday (shows are broadcast live […]

April 20th

How to Build a Wind Turbine for $30

Renewable energy = high upfront costs… right? Yes, if you’re paying someone else to put your system together for you. Now, that seems like kind of a no-brainer for most of us: I certainly don’t feel like I know enough to build my own solar panel…

April 16th

Nanowires Provide Great Potential for Better Solar Cells

Better solar cells, better LED light and vast optical possibilities Changes at the atom level in nanowires offer vast possibilities for improvement of solar cells and LED light. NTNU-researchers have discovered that by tuning a small strain on single nanowires they can become more effective in LEDs and solar cells. NTNU researchers Dheeraj Dasa and […]

April 15th

ProWood Desperate Deck Contest Announced

We have written recently about treated lumber. Our timing appears to be well-suited, as treated lumber company ProWood has announced what might bean entertaining contest to select an exterior deck most in need of a redo. Here is the press release. UFPI launches 2014 ProWood Desperate Deck Contest April 14 Grand Prize Winner receives a […]

April 15th

New Prefab Book of Note: Prefabulous World

As we have been writing a series about green prefab homes, the timing could be no better for the release of “Prefabulous World – Energy Efficient and Sustainable Homes Around the Globe,” a new book by Sheri Koones. As we have been writing a series about green prefab homes, the timing could be no better for […]

April 14th

AIA Top 10 New Homes – Part I

The American Institute of Architects has selected 10 top new American homes for the 2014 Housing Awards. According to AIA, ” The AIA’s Housing Awards program, now in its 14th year, was established to recognize the best in housing design and promote the importance of good housing as a necessity of life, a sanctuary for the […]

April 10th

What Are Environmental Product Declarations?

Environmental product declarations (EPDs) are the present and future of green building.  They allow stakeholders to accurately assess the environmental impacts of the materials and equipment that go into their buildings.  EPDs are often called the equivalent of nutrition labels for the built industry.   What are EPDs? Environmental product declarations are detailed reports on […]

April 9th

Global Green USA Completes Boston Latin School’s Green School Makeover

When March came to its final day, Global Green USA proudly announced the completion of its student-led Green School Makeover at Boston Latin School. A panel of expert judges selected the winning elementary school after six months of intensive outreach by educators, school districts and educational organizations, resulting in more than 450 submissions. Drawing on […]

April 8th

School for Solar Announced by CBD Energy Limited

In an exciting new project, diversified renewable energy company, CBD Energy Limited is investing in the development and installation of a programme of solar projects across the UK, through its wholly owned UK subsidiary, Secured Energy Bonds plc (SEB).  SEB plans to install solar panels for a number of UK businesses (at no cost to […]

April 4th

eLab Accelerator: Kickstarting Energy Innovation Districts (Part 1)

[repostus]eLab Accelerator: Kickstarting Energy Innovation Districts (Part 1) (via Clean Technica) Originally published on Rocky Mountain Institute. By Rebecca Cole. This week, RMI kicks off eLab Accelerator, our bootcamp for electricity innovation. More than 100 participants from across the country are rolling up their sleeves to make rapid and…

April 4th

Smart Books for Builders: “Making Better Buildings”

“Making Better Buildings” by Chris Magwood is a smart and user-friendly book for green builders Ask a builder, architect, or contractor to look at the Table of Contents this guide to sustainable construction and they will feel confident in having a book like this on hand.  This guide to sustainable construction for homeowners and contractors […]

April 4th

Building Protection Forum Links Building Stakeholders

Product manufacturer Inpro is leading the charge in connecting buildings to their users.  The Building Protection Forum offers the first ever site dedicated solely to protecting buildings and their users.  It offers stakeholders the opportunity to post and respond to questions or problems related to their buildings. “We have always done obsessive things to make sure […]

April 3rd