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Biden Unveils Home Energy Efficient Program

Vice President Joe Biden recently unveiled a home energy efficient program designed to help the environment and the economy. With such information available in a simple and trustworthy way, the government hopes homeowners will utilize such services which will help improve the environment by sustainable measure and also improve economy by creating more jobs.

November 11th

Top 10 Green Building Products 2010

Sustainable Industries announced the release of its 2010 Top 10 Green Building Products guide, the annual publication profiling industry-leading green building products selected by a panel of expert judges and Sustainable Industries magazine’s editorial team. “It’s clear that as green building certifications become more stringent, product manufacturers continue to innovate, producing higher performing and more […]

June 24th

Frank Gehry and the LEED Debacle

[social_buttons] The man who makes furniture out of cardboard is against LEED certification and calls it “political” rather than necessary. Who is this man who is ruffling the feathers of Sustainable Design and Architecture community? It is no other than Frank Gehry, one of the most revered and notable American architect in modern times. Gehry […]

June 17th