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The SAP Utilities Conference Scheduled: Utility Industry Innovates for the Future

The SAP for Utilities North American conference will bring together hundreds of utilities professionals to network and learn from one another how to leverage new technology to achieve critical performance objectives. A collaboration of SAP America, Inc., the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG), and The Eventful Group, the SAP for Utilities conference is a four-day event and community gathering taking place September 9-12, 2012, in Hollywood, Florida.

August 1st

ICF International Integrated Energy Outlook Projects 70 GW of Fossil-Fired Capacity Retirements over the Next Four Years

ICF International, a provider of consulting services and technology solutions to government and commercial clients, has released its Integrated Energy Outlook for the second quarter of 2012. The study highlights the near- and long-term future of gas prices; the impacts of proposed U.S. federal environmental regulations; and projections on pollution control installations, coal production, and renewable energy development.

June 20th

IEA Report: Natural Gas Is Not The Answer To Climate Problem, Existing Cleantech Is — And It Could Save $100 Trillion By 2050

Thanks very much to Zach Shahan at Clean Technica and Joe Romm from Climate Progress for posting this information about Cleantech based on an International Energy Association report. [repostus hash=1e3e2a3a50c53762517c732ed29e7f92 title=IEA+Report%3A+Natural+Gas+Is+Not+The+Answer+To+Climate+Problem%2C+Existing+Cleantech+Is+%E2%80%94+And+It+Could+Save+%24100+Trillion+By+2050 host=Clean+Technica short=1emHV snip=%C2%A0When+I+repost+an+article%2C+I+don%E2%80%99t+often+include+the+same+title%2C+but+in+some+cases%2C+I+see+no+better+option.+The+title+above+says+it+all%2C+in+my+humble+opinion.+Natural+gas+is+not+a+wonder+drug+that+is+going+to+get+us+out+of+a+hellish+and+catastrophic+future+%28which+all+measurements+indicate+has+already%26hellip%3B jump=3]

June 19th

SolarExpo 2012

The13th annual Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation International Exhibition and Conference, called the SolarExpo by GreenBuilding was held in May in Verona.

Clean Energy Matters – A FutureFest Conference

At this event on May 24, 2012 from 6 – 9 p.m. at Phipps Conservatory, attendees will see displays of the hottest new technology for renewable energy and hear from the real live green energy entrepreneurs who will be discussing how the average yinzer can make all our futures brighter by buying and/or installing clean energy.

May 18th