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New Prefab Book of Note: Prefabulous World

As we have been writing a series about green prefab homes, the timing could be no better for the release of “Prefabulous World – Energy Efficient and Sustainable Homes Around the Globe,” a new book by Sheri Koones. As we have been writing a series about green prefab homes, the timing could be no better for […]

April 14th

Smart Books for Builders: “Making Better Buildings”

“Making Better Buildings” by Chris Magwood is a smart and user-friendly book for green builders Ask a builder, architect, or contractor to look at the Table of Contents this guide to sustainable construction and they will feel confident in having a book like this on hand.  This guide to sustainable construction for homeowners and contractors […]

April 4th

New Book: “Making Better Buildings”

Chris Magwood’s comprehensive book concerning sustainable construction for homeowners and contractors has just been released by New Society Publishers. For those wanting to know more, here are some comments: “Making Better Buildings is essential reading for home builders, owner-builders, or anyone interested in hiring a contractor to build their dream green home. This book is […]

March 11th

New Society Publishers: Two Coming Natural Building Books of Interest

We received word from New Society Publishers about two upcoming books that should interest readers at GBE. Natural building expert Chris Magwood’s newest book, Making Better Buildings: A Comparative Guide to Sustainable Construction for Homeowners and Contractors will be published next February.  Making Better Buildings is the first book to systematically describe the real-world implications […]

December 2nd

Lucid Stead by Phillip K. Smith, III

“Lucid Stead” Project Statement – Phillip K. Smith, III After the long, dusty, bumpy, anxious trip out into the far edges of Joshua Tree, you open your car door and for the first time experience the quiet of the desert. It’s at that point that you realize you are in a place that is highly different than […]

December 2nd

One Side of the Hydraulic Fracturing Debate: WPX Energy Documentary – "Down Deep"

There are numerous schools of thought on hydraulic fracturing, from championing a technology that is leading to energy independence for America, to outright antagonism concerning environmental and safety issues. Then there is everything imaginable in between on what has become a divisive energy issue. This video documentary, “Down Deep,” was produced by Tulsa-based WPX Energy. […]

November 20th

Could Hybrid Nuclear Plants Help Stem Global Warming?

Charles Forsberg, a research scientist in MIT’s Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, has published a paper in the November issue of the journal Energy Policy advocating the coupling of nuclear power with alternative energy sources to create hybrid power plants. – Joshua S. Hill, CleanTechnica [repostus]Could Hybrid Nuclear Plants Help Stem Global Warming? (via Clean […]

November 12th

Books: "The Solar House" – by Anthony Denzer

Tony Denzer recently wrote to see if we were interested in writing something about his new book, “The Solar House – Pioneering Sustainable Design.” We are glad we came across this pertinent work, especially for those wanting to know more about the history of solar. As Denzer aptly points out, “Few people are aware of […]

November 7th