green building design

Green Building Design Gaining Momentum in 2018

Green district certifications have ramped up slowly over the decade since the US Green Building Council unveiled LEED-Neighborhood Development. Now communities, health advocates, and market forces are driving new developments in sustainable construction. An explosion in certified green buildings has led sustainable-infrastructure advocates to push for more neighborhoods, campuses, business districts, and cities to track and enhance their evolution toward sustainability. Let’s check out the recent news in green building design and see the progress being made toward a net-zero…

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Celebrate World Green Building Week 2016

World Green Building Week is the annual opportunity for Green Building Councils, their members, and leaders from around the world to showcase to everyone how their actions and leadership are helping to deliver green buildings in their own countries, and to celebrate the positive outcomes they lead to. This year’s event will be held the week of September 26-October 2, 2016. The theme for the week is “Change Your Perspective,” an evolution of Better Build Green, which was introduced at COP21 in…

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Seattle’s Bullitt Center Stands As The Greenest Model

At the headquarters of the Seattle-based Bullitt Foundation, author Mary Adam Thomas documents the building of the Bullitt Center, a structure she regards as the world’s greenest building in her recently released book, “The Greenest Building: How The Bullitt Center Changes The Urban Landscape.” The Bullitt Center stands as an eye-catching model of environmental design. Using the Living Building Challenge, created by the International Living Future Institute, an organization dedicated to making green building the new normal as a guideline, a team…

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