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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Building Materials

Best Building Materials

There are so many factors to consider when buying materials for your building projects that the process involved can be very overwhelming. Before anything else you need to consider your finances and how much every element will cost you. Although you may want to concentrate on the building materials, it doesn’t matter which materials create…

Post and Beam Construction (Design & Building Guide)

Post and Beam Construction

Building with post and beam construction is a rewarding experience for homeowners and architects. The process involves designing, engineering, and building homes that minimize their carbon footprint without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort. With sustainability and longevity in mind, these structures are highly energy efficient and architecturally superior to their timber counterparts. The concept of post…

Pier and Beam Foundations (Building, Cost, & Problems)

Pier and Beam Foundation

Every property is structured on a foundation, but a solid foundation is necessary for a great home. With numerous options available, selecting the proper foundation is essential to build a long-lasting home. One such option is the increasingly popular pier-and-beam foundation, commonly featured in contemporary residences. Its elevated design offers a set of traits that…