Climate Change

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Study: European Solar Panel Manufacturing Greener than China’s

A solar panel output may be green, but the manufacturing footprint it has left behind may be anything but green or sustainable. Take the csse of this recent study pitting European solar panel manufacturing and that of China’s. According to a Northwestern University study, China’s manufacturing footprint is far less green than that of Europe. Solar […]

June 2nd

New Energy See-Through SolarWindow Sets New Record for Generating Electricity

Appealing see-through SolarWindow may impact new LEED-targeted designs See-through windows that generate electricity are starting to attract expanded interest. New Energy Technologies, a developer of see-through SolarWindowT coatings, has announced that its technology has set a new record for generating electricity while remaining see-through with over 50% greater power than prior attempts publicized by others. […]

May 11th

Alarming CO2 Increase

We don’t write that much about CO2 and its impact on the planet but this news report is absolutely alarming. Sadly this is a global problem — yes, problem — that will not correct itself without some well-considered and far-reaching action steps. Each person, each business, each government must make a commitment to seek balance […]

May 2nd

Today’s Quote of Note

“I think it’s important to recognize that Keystone is a project, but we have a lot more going on and one of the biggest challenges we are facing is climate change. We can’t lose sight of that. “We have an entire administration strategy that the president laid out that is looking at issues of energy […]

April 23rd

NREL Researchers Are Busy with Promising New Solar Material

Light-absorbing perovskite cells show promise as solar material Known as perovskite, the name of this material found in the Ural Mountains may be difficult to pronounce for American English speakers, but the potential it offers as a new solar dell material is considerable. Three scientific papers have already been published about it. Intense research efforts, […]

April 23rd

Ron Finley Proves Food Forest Concept on Vacant Land

This inspiring TED presentation by Ron Finley about planting a food forest in front of his house in South-Central LA — home to many food deserts — has been around for some time. With planting season here, this video is still very much worth seeing and sharing with anybody interested in green building. Ron Finley: […]

April 21st

1st TalkSolar + CleanTechnica Podcast!

For those wanting to stay current about solar energy, this is a good program to watch. This is the press release. [repostus]1st TalkSolar + CleanTechnica Podcast! (Tables Turned) (via Clean Technica) As announced the other day, TalkSolar and CleanTechnica have teamed up for TalkSolar’s second season. The first show was on Thursday (shows are broadcast live […]

April 20th

Preventing Deforestation Manages Resources and Combats Climate Change

Much of what we write about for green building concerns wood and forests, an incredibly valuable renewable resource for this planet; deforestation, similar to what is occurring on the Congo Basin, must be checked and stopped. Citizens, companies and agricultural interests alike must apply sane forest management practices. As a population, we can harvest much […]

April 16th

Green Roof Slated for Barclays Center in Brooklyn

Instead of more hot black roofs radiating excessive heat upward, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn will add another green roof to the urban palette. This  endeavor will be overseen by Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC) and Shanghai-based Greenland Group Co. (Greenland). The two companies jointly announced they will install a green roof on Barclays Center in Brooklyn, […]

April 14th