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How Much Does a Modular Building Cost in 2022?

how much does a modular building cost

A McGraw-Hill construction report showed that the construction industry experienced improved efficiency due to modular buildings. Consequently, many people turn to prefabricated buildings for several advantages, including construction speed, flexibility, and sustainability. Looking at this growing interest, you may wonder about modular building costs. The piece below covers the prices of different modular structures, enabling…

What Makes A Building Material Sustainable? Top 5 Picks

Sustainability means a lot of things to a lot of different people. It’s a hugely broad concept that often frustrates people with its many different definitions. In general, sustainability means the capacity of something to endure forever and commonly it’s important to consider the social and environmental impacts of decisions made.  The same happens in…

How Passive House is Transforming Top Universities

Passive House

With more and more world leaders, educational institutes and industry professionals looking towards creating a more sustainable future for the next generation, many have focused on the housing crises and improving the consumption and production of energy. One of these possible solutions is called ‘passive house’, and while the concept has been around since the…