A Commercial Product Specialist: C/S Corporate

The companies that are the most inspiring are the ones that grew out of necessity for a product and stand the test of time by continuing to grow their product, meet the demands of industry and introduce new cutting edge materials.

One such company that has been around for over 60 years is the Construction Specialties or C/S Corporate, started by Ed and Mary Ellen Hallock in Newark, NJ in 1948. It began as a manufacturer’s representative firm for architectural and engineered products. And their motto, “Creating products that make buildings better,” has stayed true throughout the years.

The company’s timeline is as follows:

  • 1951 – They hire their first factory employee
  • 1955 – They develop and introduce the first extruded aluminum louver
  • 1961 – C/S Canada opens
  • 1968 – C/S opens the first of five plants in Europe in France
  • 1969 – They introduce the revolutionary wall protection with Acrovyn Wall Protection
  • 1972 – They introduce Pedigrid/Pedimat Architectural Entrance Flooring that stops dirt at entrances to buildings
  • 1978 – They expand to the Middle East and open the first American plant in Saudi Arabia
  • 1983 – They develop the first expansion joint fire barrier to prevent chimney fires
  • 1987 – They open their first Far East office in Hong Kong
  • 1994 – They introduce rain resistant louvers to the design markets
  • 1995 – They continue to expand their business by buying other businesses in the field
  • 2004 – Acrovyn doors are introduced and are virtually indestructible

In the long list of accomplishments that this company, C/S Corporate, has under its belt, it has now begun to make more sustainable products. In 2009 their first sustainable wall protection, Acrovyn 4000 was introduced. Acrovyn 4000 is an environmentally friendly wall screen that is free of PVCs and PBTs.

C/S Corporate makes the following products: Acrovyn Wall & Door Protection, Acrovyn by Design, Acrovyn Wall Coverings & Panels, Acrovyn Doors, Entrance Flooring, Floorometry, Expansion Joint Covers, Louvers, Grilles, Sun Controls/Solarmotion, Specialty Venting and Cubicle Track/Curtains.

Floorometry: info.c-sgroup.co.uk“Floorometry is a revolutionary modular entrance flooring system that offers designers maximum aesthetics and exceptional performance as well as easy installation and maintenance.”

Solarmotion, a great catchy name, is controllable sunshades. It is another revolutionary product from this company.

Their products can be seen at many places you may never expect like the Louvers on the Statue of Liberty, the Acrovyn Wall Protection in the Houses of Parliament and the Entrance Mats in the Hermitage.

This company has progressed for 60 years in commercial design and it will be truly inspirational as to what C/S Corporate will produce in the next 60.

Resources: http://www.c-sgroup.com/, and