Bamboo, Plastic Bottles Make Eco-Friendly Greenhouse

Bamboo house

Hanoi architecture firm 1+1>2, in collaboration with Action For The City, has designed an eco-friendly greenhouse that protects growing plants from the elements, provides a place for farmers to rest and a offers a creative play space for children to learn more about their environment. It also offers a break from the visual sameness of traditional rice patties.

The plastic bottles were donated by students and the local community. They filter the sunlight during the day, protecting the growing plants from too much sun exposure. There is also an irrigation tray on the top of the structure to help keep the plants watered properly. Because it it is built using only bamboo and plastic bottles, it is light enough to be easily transported from one growing location to another.

The project is part of a unique collaboration between the governments of Vietnam and Ireland to better support local citizens in the South East Asian country. It is presently in active use on a farm in the Soc Soc district of Hanoi.


Bamboo + Plastic Greenhouse

Source | Images: Inhabitat