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A Roof Designed for Our Hotter Future

Given the climate change coming to most regions of the US, this new roof idea is a great passive cooling solution worth looking at even if you don’t live in the desert regions… now. Because, by century’s end; you might. “Summer temperatures in Florida could rise by 10.5F, with the heat effect multiplied by decreased…

California Architect Thinks About White Roofs

If every building had a white roof, we would be able to cool the surrounding areas. That is the reasoning behind a California law about to go into effect next month requiring light reflective roofs on all new buildings. It is already the law for new flat roofs here. Here, architect Richard Meier and his…

Zero Energy Houses Creating a New Design Vernacular:

The traditional gabled roof that we are all familiar with was engineered to slough off snowfall. But in an uncertain post peak oil future of possible energy shortages and water shortages, more and more houses are showing up with roof-shapes engineered to harvest their own rainwater, and support solar power generation.

Umbrella Design Harvests Desert Moisture for Childrens’ Hospital

This cooling effect is a bonus in addition to gathering rainwater or overnight dew for water use. In VisionDivision's prototype, the umbrella element will funnel the cool water to a central holding tank to supply the hospital with clean water. The hospital rooms are gathered in clusters around the tank to benefit from the cooling effect of the water.