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Keep Your Green Home Safe, Sound – and Dry!

We’re all about innovative “green” homes here at GBE. From inexpensive Hobbit homes to low-cost concrete bubbles to million-dollar technological showcases, if someone’s building an Earth-friendly structure, we’re there. What’s most surprising about all these varied buildings isn’t how different they are, however – it’s what they have in common: they all need water-proofing. The […]

January 30th

Infographic: Boiler Room Safety

Commercial and residential boilers may be old heating technology, but they’re still a big part of life in American cities- popping up in factories, warehouses, and apartment buildings throughout cities like New York, Chicago, Cleveland, and others. Most of the time, these boilers do their job safely- helping to keep their building residents warm by […]

December 12th

SunPower Sweepstakes is Making it Easy to Go Solar

There are plenty of things that can make a regular building into a “green building”. And, whether we’re talking about a white roof, a green wall, a heavy use of recycled materials, or just some new, energy-efficient windows to help homeowners save some money, the one thing that almost everyone thinks of when they think […]

December 1st

When is it Time to Think About Emergency Lighting?

Whether you’re designing a school, a large hospital, a public courthouse, or even a simple utility shed, having well though-out lighting is critical for the people who are going to use your building. Proper lighting allows people to read warning signs, follow instructions, and- most basic of all!- see what’s around them. That’s important in […]

December 1st

Tips to Help Re-model Your Interior on a Budget

Deciding to re-model a room, space or overhaul the whole of your home is a big move, but it is an exciting opportunity to be creative. While you may have big ideas, your budget may not match your creative inspirations and when this happens, we can be tempted to put off our plans. However, there […]

November 25th

Guest Post: New Tools for Improving Energy Efficiency at Universities

Any time we hear about improving energy efficiency we get excited. Read this guest post from Danielle Kershner, with contributing help from Keri Masterson.  Intelligent buildings can now match the demands of multi-faceted institutions By Danielle Kershner of Eco Branding Reducing energy consumption to save money is a concept becoming increasingly important. But how are […]

August 25th

Fascinating Things about Shipping Container Homes and Offices

Recently, there is a trend of using the steel shipping container to construct residential homes and office spaces. You can find shipping containers for sale in Sydney and around the world. Many prefer using shipping containers as homes, office spaces, commercial spaces, etc. because they are strong, portable, easy to construct, and affordable. The Strongest […]

August 20th

Dassault Technology Leads Offshore Wind Charge

So far, the story of the US renewable energy transformation has skipped a key chapter, which is the exploitation of our massive offshore wind power potential. In the offshore wind category, the US has been lagging far behind other nations. However, the spotlight is starting to swing out to embrace this wind power option, and […]

July 11th

Ten Facts About Solar Panels

There is an increasing awareness in Australia about the obvious advantages and benefits of switching to solar power. Not only does it contribute to a more ecologically sustainable environment, but in the long term, it also saves you money on power bills.

September 7th

Renewable Energy Group Now Offering Biodiesel via New Lebanon, Ohio Terminal

Terminal located near major diesel terminals; offers fast, convenient splash blending Petroleum marketers now have access to high quality, large volume quantities of biodiesel from a new terminal in southwest Ohio. The nation’s leading biodiesel producer and marketer, Renewable Energy Group (REG), today announced a new terminal agreement for B100/B99 splash blending near Lebanon, Ohio. And […]

June 29th