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Proposed “Shared Clean Energy” Program Would Allow New  York Renters to Go Solar for the First Time

Advocates applaud Assembly Bill 9931 for expanding NYS clean energy investment, jobs, benefits The following press release was issued by Vote Solar: The New York Assembly Energy Committee today (June 4) passed a “Shared Clean Energy Bill” (A.9931), which would establish a new way for renters and other families, schools and businesses to go solar. […]

June 5th

IKEA Completes Largest Solar Installation Atop Future Miami-Dade Store

IKEA today announced it completing installation of South Florida’s largest solar array, which will be plugged-in officially atop the future Miami-Dade IKEA store opening this summer in Sweetwater, FL. Combined with rooftop arrays in Orlando, Tampa and Sunrise, this fourth solar project will keep IKEA as the state’s largest non-utility solar owner.   The 178,000-square-foot […]

June 3rd

New Lithium Battery Created in Japan

Using a parasitic conduction mechanism, technology described in the journal ‘APL Materials’ promises safer batteries in the future The long life of lithium ion batteries makes them the rechargeable of choice for everything from implantable medical devices to wearable consumer electronics. But lithium ion batteries rely on liquid chemistries involving lithium salts dissolved in organic […]

May 21st

Solar Installations Planned at Additional 50 UK Schools by CBD Energy

Underlining its commitment to sustainability within UK schools, global renewable energy company CBD Energy Limited (‘CBD’), is set to launch a new tranche of Energy Bonds in the weeks ahead. Having completed a successful raise – in excess of £7.5m – with its last bond, the company partnered with ‘Power Your Future’, a schools’ sustainability programme, […]

April 30th

Emerson LA Grand Opening

A week-long series of events—starting with a ticketed gala on Saturday, March 8—will celebrate the grand opening of Emerson Los Angeles (ELA), a spectacular new academic and residential facility that will enable the College to significantly expand its contribution to the city and to the entertainment and communication industries. Guests scheduled to attend the gala include […]

March 12th

In grasslands remade by humans animals may protect biodiversity

Grazers let in the light, rescue imperiled plants, worldwide study shows A comparative study of grasslands on six continents suggests there may be a way to counteract the human-made overdose of fertilizer that threatens to permanently alter the biodiversity of the world’s native prairies. The solution is one that nature devised: let grazing animals crop […]

March 10th

SolarWorld Has Injected $1.5 Billion into U.S. Economy since 2008

Positive Impact on U.S manufacturing In a vivid illustration of domestic manufacturing’s potent impact on the U.S. economy, SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for more than 35 years, announced today that it purchased more than $1.46 billion in goods and services from other American manufacturers and employers between 2008 and 2013. This industrial wellspring […]

March 7th

More than 100 New High-Voltage Direct Current Electricity Transmission Lines will be Constructed Worldwide From 2013 to 2020 — Navigant Research Forecast

More than 330 GW of new capacity will be added in the next six years, report concludes Although alternating current (AC) lines have been the dominant form of electricity transmission for decades, the adoption of high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission is growing worldwide. Up to twice as efficient as AC transmission, HVDC allows interconnection […]

March 4th

GE Introduces 2.85-103 Wind Turbine for Japan

Engineered for Higher Turbulence Conditions Experienced in Typhoon Class Wind Speeds and to Fit the Unique Japanese Landscape GE has  announced its 2.85-103 wind turbine for Japan with 2.85-megawatt rated power and 103-meter rotor diameter, generating high power output for constrained areas. The wind turbine is specifically engineered for Japanese environmental conditions and is able to withstand […]

March 3rd

First Solar Sets World Record for CdTe Solar Cell Efficiency

20.4 Percent Research Cell Certified at Newport Lab and Confirmed at NREL First Solar, Inc. yesterday announced it has set a world record for cadmium-telluride (CdTe) photovoltaic (PV) solar cell conversion efficiency, achieving 20.4 percent conversion efficiency certified at the Newport Corporation’s Technology and Applications Center (TAC) PV Lab and confirmed by the U.S. Department […]

February 27th

'Greener' aerogel technology holds potential for oil and chemical clean-up

Cleaning up oil spills and metal contaminates in a low-impact, sustainable and inexpensive manner remains a challenge for companies and governments globally. But a group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is examining alternative materials that can be modified to absorb oil and chemicals without absorbing water. If further developed, the technology may offer […]

February 26th