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writes on CleanTechnica, Gas2, Kleef&Co, and Green Building Elements. He has a keen interest in physics-intensive topics such as electricity generation, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, energy storage, and geography. His website is:

Hokkaido To Utilize 60 MWh Vanadium Flow Battery For Grid Storage

Lithium-ion batteries are actually a good example of this. The smallest lithium-ion batteries on the market are the most expensive. Li-ion cellphone batteries, for example, tend to cost $3 per Wh (the equivalent of $3,000 per kWh), while on a large scale, lithium-ion batteries can cost as little as $400 per kWh.

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Thin-Film Solar Cell Approaches Efficiency Record

A Copper Zinc Tin Selenide (CZTSe) solar cell technology has achieved an efficiency of 9.7% and an open-circuit voltage of 0.41 volts, a bit less than the 0.5 volts that most silicon-based solar cells achieve. (Solar cells are generally connected in series, which multiplies their voltage by the number of cells in the series connection.) The new solar cell technology is based on thin-film CZTS solar cells which were developed due to the abundance as well as the low cost (relatively…

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Super Efficient & Reliable Windows From Apex Unveiled

One of the most environmentally friendly manufacturing practices is to simply create the most efficient, highest performance, and most reliable (so that they last long) products. Less frequent replacement causes less landfill waste and less pollution from the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, manufacturers of not only windows but nearly everything else want to sell compromised products at a low price to boost sales, and they keep their “future” technology in their labs for release at a later date, so that they…

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