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Invesco Purchases LEED Platinum Arlington Building For $90M

Invesco Real Estate, an Atlanta-based company, purchased the office complex at 1776 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, West Virginia for $90 million, or $650 per square foot for a total 139,394 square feet. This is the first property under the current US Green Building Council’s Core & Shell certification program to receive LEED Platinum certification in Arlington. The building was developed by Skanska, and it has sustainability-enhancing features such as a building dashboard that enables monitoring of tenants’ energy consumption, air sensors to…

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R.K. Pachauri: India Urgently Needs “Green Buildings”

R.K.Pachauri, an internationally acclaimed environmentalist who chaired the IPCC, said that India urgently needs more green buildings, an especially radical departure from conventional building design. He said: “There has to be radical departure in the construction of new buildings. There is a change in culture which has impacted the consumption of energy, water and other resources. Our rating system has taken stock of buildings and we have prepared a knowhow to get truly green buildings, during an interview with IANS.…

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San Diego Airport Receives LEED Platinum Certification

NORESCO’s Sustainability Services group guided a Green Build terminal expansion at SDIA (San Diego International Airport), earning it a LEED (Leadership In Energy And Environmental Design) Platinum certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC®), which is the highest LEED certification there is. That means that relatively speaking, this is a stupendously energy-efficient structure! NORESCO managed Terminal 2 West during its design and construction phases. This project, which is the airport’s largest upgrade yet, comprises 10 new gates, a 460,000 square-foot…

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Houses Passes Two Energy Efficiency Bills

The US House of Representatives passed two energy efficiency bills, one of which is to better assist schools with energy-efficient enhancements, and the other instructs the Department of Energy to research the effect of insulation on energy and water usage on federal buildings.   The School Energy Efficiency Bill – H.R. 4092 This bill creates an office within the Department of Energy to “coordinate federal, state and local programs” which will help schools reduce their energy usage, according to The…

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How Ventilation Helps Keep You Cool

There is a common concern about ventilation bringing warm air into rooms. While this is true, it still helps to keep you cool by blowing out the even warmer air inside your home, and by helping to reduce humidity which makes you feel warmer. In many cases, it may be warmer inside your home than it is outside because your home will absorb heat from the sun and then trap it. Ventilation blows the resulting hot air outside. How Ventilation…

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