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Private Voyager Space Station For Tourists Under Design!  Will You Be Gazing At The Cosmos In 2025?

Space station

Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) has newly released information on their Voyager Station project. It will be launched as the first commercially available of its kind, performing on artificial gravity and a hosting capacity of up to 400 people. OAC mentions this as a largely historic event, enabling humans to live outside of the Earth for…

A Turn Of Leadership: Small Airplane Models Guiding The Post-Pandemic Return Of Flights 

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It is now a widely known fact that most industries have been drastically impacted by the rise of this pandemic. Airline companies have been challenged particularly as the demand for travel decreases and restrictions of mass gatherings call for creative solutions. The Brazilian airplane fabricator Embraer recently revealed that models with 70-140 seats have been…

Booming Online Retail And The Expanding Demand In Warehouses

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Online retail stores have been facing a gigantic booming effect as lockdown restrictions continue to direct consumers to online shopping modalities. The increasing demand has led to an apparent investment in supply chain and logistics throughout countless global enterprises, sending e-commerce platforms on the lookout for bigger and more compatible storage systems.  Though this shift…