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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Headline St. Louis Eco Expo this Week

In preparation for next week’s Earth Day, the Missouri Botanical Garden is sponsoring Eco Expo, a two-day event in the Saint Louis Science Center.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will kick off the events on Tuesday, April 14 with a presentation of “Our Environmental Destiny.”  Tickets can be purchased here.  The expo itself is free to […]

April 13th

Chinese Drywall Blamed for Health, Wiring Problems

As if Florida’s housing market hasn’t had enough bad news lately, it now seems that some homes built with imported Chinese drywall have experienced problems ranging from rotten egg odor to appliance failure, and in some cases health problems.  The culprit, according to homeowners involved in class action lawsuits in Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama, is […]

March 25th

Talking Green with Doubters or Deniers

One of my favorite web comics is xkcd‘s “Duty Calls,” where the stick figure can’t tear himself away from the computer because “Someone is WRONG on the internet.” Unfortunately, too often discussions on environmental topics devolve into “You’re wrong” – “No, you’re wrong” and we lose sight of what we are trying to accomplish, namely, […]

March 9th

Congress Considers “Fix Housing First” Tax Credit

In an effort to stabilize the housing market, Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson introduced S. 253, which seeks to expand the homebuyer tax credit passed by Congress last year.  Instead of offering a tax credit only for first time home buyers that must be repaid over a 15-year period, the expanded proposal includes tax credits for […]

January 23rd

CA Study Cites Chemicals in the Home as Possible Autism Trigger

While autism rates have been climbing at a frightening rate, its root causes have remained elusive.  Researchers at the University of California, Davis M.I.N.D. institute have concluded that the focus of autism research should shift away from genetics or accounting practices and toward the increase of toxic chemicals and infectious microbes in the environment, especially […]

January 16th

2009 Green Home Resolutions

2008 was the year that saw elements of green building become mainstream and increased interest in green technologies.  But for those of us who are not building a new house or who don’t keep up with all the new technologies, there are many simple, inexpensive (or free) ways to green your life that you can […]

January 1st

Green Building Elements: Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Fast becoming staples of the green building industry are pre-assembled structural insulated panels, or SIPs, which replace conventional framing and offer greater energy efficiency, reduced lumber usage, and quicker construction.  SIPs are polystyrene foam sandwiched between oriented strand boards that provide structural framing, insulation, and exterior sheathing in one piece.  They can be used as […]

December 27th

Kitchen Cabinet Industry Going Green

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program (KCMA-ESP) encourages cabinet manufacturers to go green in all aspects of cabinet production, from smart harvesting to a healthier final product. If cabinet manufacturers built simply to qualify for LEED credits, they could use recycled materials or no formaldehyde in their final product, but cause enormous environmental […]

December 14th

Never Mind the Earth, Green Your Home for Your Health

Emissions and Indoor Air Quality While sustainability and energy efficiency often dominate the green building conversation, the issue that can have the most immediate impact on your family’s health is indoor air quality.  Green building programs seek to limit your family’s exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, that exist in some building materials and […]

December 7th

Eco Timber Offers Comprehensive Online Green Flooring Guide

Can your hardwood floors contribute to global warming?  Which hardwoods are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council?  Are some types of bamboo greener than others?  Eco Timber’s Eco-Friendly Flooring Guide is a valuable source for information on sustainable hardwood flooring and a must read for any green builder.  The Richmond, California based company has promoted […]

November 29th

Can a Modern Green Home Be Built for $100K?

Follow Philly’s Postgreen as they attempt to build a modern green home for $100,000. Just over a year ago, Philadelphia developer Postgreen undertook an ambitious project, to build a modern green home for $100,000.  Not only are they seeking to shatter the myth that green homes are unaffordable, but they are documenting every step on […]

November 20th