“Super Windows” For The Empire State Building

As part of a massive greening of the Empire State Building a new Heat Mirror® film technology by Southwall is being used to dramatically boost the energy-efficiency of the landmark building’s more than 6,500 hundred windows. The insulating film will be combined with an insulating gas to create “super windows” that reduce heating and cooling needs and therefore decrease the building’s overall energy use. New technology will be used to “remanufacture” the thousands of windows. The existing insulating glass in…

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The Future of Green Building Legislation?

As part of a new series of papers regarding federal, state and local decisions to expand energy efficiency choices for consumers, DEFG has published a free report on New York City’s “Greener, Greater Buildings Plan.” The GGBP is a key component of an effort to reduce pollution and energy costs in the city by 30% by 2030 and was initially touted as “first‐of‐its‐kind.” Not surprisingly, it was scaled back after pressure from local building owners. The author, Cynthia Boland, Esq., has provided a discussion of the…

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Is NYC The Greenest Building City Today?

Whenever I see my friend James D’Addio, the architectural photographer, I ask him about which new green buildings he’s been shooting. Not surprisingly, in a city with dedicated green building blogs and the NYC Department of Design & Construction’s award-winning programs, NYC may be the greenest city in the United States. Here two projects in NYC that exemplify where green building is going. It seems like if a building is going up, its just as likely as not to be…

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