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Meet a Modern Yurt: Ed Ryan's circHouse

Special thanks to Ed Ryan, developer of the circhouse, for providing GBE with this guest post. The circHouse is a durable, easily constructed, multi-use building which has been designed to serve many functions, among them, humanitarian and relief housing, offices for medical facilities, storage and logistics applications, and recreational, resort and lifestyle uses. The basic […]

December 6th

Solar Power War — It’s Heating Up

Originally published on Cost of Solar. I’m not much of a fan for simplifications. However, when people spend their time and money trying to destroy something that helps people in dozens of ways — that helps the planet and the economy and your health…

November 27th

Thinking Green Beyond the Inside of Your House

Although all of this may seem obvious, it ought to be noted that the insulation capacity of trees is everything but trivial. Some studies demonstrate that having trees around the home in urban settings can reduce energy consumption significantly. In the winter, heating needs can be decreased by 15% while in the summer the cost of air conditioning can be reduced by as much as 50%! Not only do these savings potentially represent an inviting amount of money at the end of the year, they also indicate that the overall carbon footprint of any house with trees around it can be significantly smaller than its treeless and plantless equivalent.

Non-toxic Lithium-Ion Battery Packs Revolutionizing Power Tools

While the green aspects of power tools was not a driving factor in the decisions for most of us in the past, more power and less weight would be the priority, it is one of those topics that has become much more important in recent years and is important enough for our customers to ask about. While using Lithium-Ion battery packs instead of nickel cadmium may not solve the problems of the planet, it won’t hurt it.

March 27th

Top Five Eco-Friendly Building Materials

If you’re trying to be eco-friendly while building your dream home, you might think there’s no way you can compensate for the carbon emissions and resources that you use. However, if you stick to using green companies and you choose your building materials carefully, you could stand to create a truly environmentally friendly home. Make […]

March 6th

Greening the Home, Part Uncountable

So let’s say you have been checking out some resources online on how to make your home greener. You know for yourself that it would be a bit disgraceful for people to think that you are doing and sharing everything you can to them about rising sea levels, global warming, climate change and animal extinction. But […]

February 27th