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Water Smart Products: Caroma Profile Smart 305 Dual Flush Toilet With Sink

There are many places we can be smarter about the water we use. Start with the toilet, for one. Give it dual-flush capabilities for starters, then put a sink on top. Featured here is the Caroma Profile Smart Dual Flush Toilet with Sink. Caroma provides this profile information: Unique design and advanced performance make the Caroma…

New and Very Practical Art Forms: Buildings on the Cheap

One of the most popular places to visit at GBE concerns buildings on the cheap, the remarkably alluring Hobbit-like house Wales residents Simon and Jasmine Dale built into a hillside using a hodgepodge of used and organic materials.  Their estimated cost for the entire project came in at less than $5,000. This was a tremendous accomplishment…

New Book: “Making Better Buildings”

Chris Magwood’s comprehensive book concerning sustainable construction for homeowners and contractors has just been released by New Society Publishers. For those wanting to know more, here are some comments: “Making Better Buildings is essential reading for home builders, owner-builders, or anyone interested in hiring a contractor to build their dream green home. This book is…

Companies & Building Products Worth Watching: Thermo-ply from OX Engineered Products

To better understand the integral quality of home’s structure, inspecting its unseen parts will usually tell the best story. Try structural sheathing, for instance. Is it plywood, particleboard, or some other concoction? What glues or chemicals were used? Does it contain formaldehyde? OX Engineered Products, a division of OX Paperboard, specializes in a line of…

TED Talks Features Greensulate & Sustainable Materials

Ecovative Design manufactures Greensulate, a remarkable insulation product that is grown from mushrooms and an appealing alternative to Styrofoam products. See the story link below from TED Talks, featuring Eben Bayer. TED Talks link

Small Homes Preview

In the name of sustainability and sanity, the era of the oversize home is hopefully giving way to the small home, becoming a phenomenon of the past, where little regard was given to energy, materials, and land consumption. As the economist E. F. Schumacher once opined: “Small is Beautiful.” The following three designs (220 to…

Books: "The Solar House" – by Anthony Denzer

Tony Denzer recently wrote to see if we were interested in writing something about his new book, “The Solar House – Pioneering Sustainable Design.” We are glad we came across this pertinent work, especially for those wanting to know more about the history of solar. As Denzer aptly points out, “Few people are aware of…

Guest Post: Solar Panels and You – Do They Really Make a Difference?

This guest post about solar panels has been written by Kurt Dowdle at Hayden Homes. Thanks much for adding your perspective. If you ever want to jump into an argument so heated it could turn into a bar fight, start talking about solar energy. If you want to skip the brawl however, just go to…

Point2 Homes: New Real Estate Listings Portal

The search for a homes for sale or rent can be a grueling, time-consuming – “can’t be forgotten soon enough” – endeavor. Or it can be made into a very smart shopping trip. Point2 Homes is a newly developed real estate listings portal. This website has been designed to serve as an online search tool…

Green Cleaning in Action: Dry Ice Blasting and Environmentally Friendly Mold Removal

Over the past few years we have a long list of companies, technologies, or products that are worth knowing about. Unfortunately, they sometimes get buried too deeply in our archives so we provide fresh information for readers.

Our current technology of interest is dry ice blasting, a method for removing mold and preventing potential health-related illnesses. Carl Bennett provided this post last February.

Great Green Construction Products Made From Paper

Sustainable composite surfaces show great promise to green designers

We have written before about this sustainable counter product made from recycled waste paper. It is time now to revisit Hoquiam, WA-based PaperStone.

Guest Post: Sustainably Sourced Materials & Doing Your Bit for the Environment During Your Next Building Project

When planning your next building project, think about the materials you’re going to use and how you’re going to recycle and reuse any materials you have left over when you’ve finished your project.

Prefab Marvel from NRJA: DOM(E)

The building has an self-supporting internal structure made from laminated timber with metal mounts, 200mm insulation and a 9mm fiber concrete slab covered with liquid rubber as exterior finish. On the inside the structure is covered with birch plywood which gives an impression of a warm, homely atmosphere. Both frame and filling for the dome are prefabricated and assembled on-site. The perimeter of the house is covered with pre-prepared foundation insulation. The dome utilizes its shape to provide natural ventilation.

Guest Post: Green Landscaping Ideas

It is enjoyable hearing from someone who understands both sides of he building trade. Wade Myer writes that he is a recovering contractor who has turned to writing as it is much easier on his back. He adds that he has always been drawn to the written word where he can frame sentences rather than walls. Here he provides a quick and common sense perspective concerning the landscaping side of the green building challenge.

Guest Post: Tidal Stream Energy The Next Wave of Sustainable Energy

We are always interested in providing our readers with information concerning sustainable, renewable energy alternatives. This guest post about tidal stream energy comes from Liz Tyler.

Integral Fast Reactors: Nuclear’s Forgotten Clean Energy Solution

I wrote a post for CleanTechnica on December 6, 2011 about something I’d never before heard about, integral fast reactors — you guessed right, nuclear reactors. Titled, “Our Nuclear Trash Heap Needs IFRs,” I wrote about a 2008 book by environmentalist, Tom Blees, “Prescription for the Planet.”

Guest Post: International Examples of Green Roofs

Known for their excellent water retention, green roofs also improve conservation and biodiversity, provide wildlife habitats, improve the thermal insulation of buildings, reduce airborne particulate and lessen the urban heat island effect.

Sustainable Development: The First Step Land Reclamation Is Environmental Assessment

We only have a limited amount of space on Earth, and much of it is taken up by oceans or ice fields, is too far away from population centers to be useful, or is polluted. It makes sense to reclaim polluted lands whenever possible. The process is quite simple: improve land that has been disturbed by destructive activities until it is in a state to be used for the designated activity, or even until it is equally capable as it started before the destructive activity damaged it.