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Guest Post: 7 Benefits of Using LED Bulbs

As compared to traditional lighting, light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been getting a lot of publicity for the benefits and advantages as far as energy efficiency goes. LED lighting is by far smartest solution as well as the most power saving compared to other illumination methods available in the industry. The LED revolution is a […]

February 12th

Guest Post: Green Construction Trends

The Green movement has reached the construction trade. From affordable public housing that has adopted green construction methods — such as ergonomically designed furniture in common areas and the use of sustainable, renewable building materials — to the use of green building standards throughout the country, construction companies are embracing the opportunity to construct eco-friendly […]

February 12th

Denmark and Stanford Researchers Produce Industrial Quantities of Hydrogen without Emitting Carbon into Atmosphere

The following story, written by Tom Abate, comes from Stanford Engineering. University researchers from two continents have engineered an efficient and environmentally friendly catalyst for the production of molecular hydrogen (H2), a compound used extensively in modern industry to manufacture fertilizer and refine crude oil into gasoline. Although hydrogen is an abundant element, it is […]

February 10th

Organic Farms Support More Species

On average, organic farms support 34% more plant, insect and animal species than conventional farms, say Oxford University scientists. Researchers looked at data going back thirty years and found that this effect has remained stable over time and shows no signs of decreasing. ‘Our study has shown that organic farming, as an alternative to conventional […]

February 4th

Graphene-based solar cell hits record 15.6 percent efficiency

“Low-Temperature Processed Electron Collection Layers of Graphene/TiO2 Nanocomposites in Thin Film Perovskite Solar Cells “The highest efficiencies in solution-processable perovskite-based solar cells have been achieved using an electron collection layer that requires sintering at 500 °C. This is unfavorable for low-cost production, applications on plastic substrates, and multijunction device architectures. Here we report a low-cost, solution-based […]

January 16th

Bio-based solar cell

RUB researchers generate solar electricity rather than biomass with photosynthetic proteins Efficient integration of photosystems 1 and 2 into photovoltaic cell Researchers at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) have developed a bio-based solar cell. They embedded the two proteins photosystem 1 and 2, which in plants are responsible of photosynthesis, into complex molecules developed in-house, thus […]

December 20th

Modular Design Lab: Meet the Flat-Packed Honeycombed HIVEHAUS

Here is an interesting way to approach building an easy-to-assemble living space, configured to be as small or large as you wish. HIVEHAUS, a new concept in modular living space – “inspired by nature- influenced by modernism and constructed using unconventional building techniques,” writes the UK-based company. Each hexagonal HIVEHAUS cell is a self-contained unit […]

December 5th

Climate Change and the Oceans: Two Research Studies

The following news releases on climate change have been provided by EurekAlert. Sea-level rise to drive coastal flooding Review of studies show that sea-level rise, shoreline retreat will drive storm-related flooding Clamor about whether climate change will cause increasingly destructive tropical storms may be overshadowing a more unrelenting threat to coastal property — sea-level rise […]

December 5th

New thermoelectronic generator

Highly efficient new design for thermoelectric generator, described in ‘Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy,’ converts heat and solar energy into electricity Previous models of thermionic generators have proven ineffectual because of WASHINGTON D.C. Dec. 3, 2013 — Through a process known as thermionic conversion, heat energy — such as light from the sun or […]

December 4th