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12 Foods People In the Greek Island Ikaria Eat Daily Where They Live Past 100

12 Foods to Eat Daily If You Want To Live Past 100 and Not Regret It

If the apparent lack of mortality seen on Ikaria is anything to go by, the fountain of youth is not in northern India or St Augustine but rather in the foods they eat daily on this Mediterranean Island, where residents frequently have a lifespan that regularly reaches 100. Here, on this Greek territory, people “forget…

As the Climate Changes, Homes In These 15 Cities Are Now at High Risk of Wildfires

Climate Changes High Risk Wildfires

A recent study indicates that the size and intensity of fires across the US – caused in part by climate changes – have increased, creating record amounts of damage to homes. Be this as it may, the scale, frequency, and intensities of these disasters, though cyclical, remain unpredictable.  With that said, here are America’s 15…

Woman Exposes How Russians Really Live: Inside the Big Grey Buildings.

Eli Outside the Big Grey Buildings.

A Muscovite answered the question that has been bothering many: What is it like for average Russians living in Moscow’s big grey buildings? In her recent YouTube video, Eli showcases the ubiquitous gray apartment blocks that so characterize the Soviet era and provides an insightful tour of her living space. Soviet Era Apartments “Not all…

Foodies Expose the Alarming Business Behind Costco’s $4.99 Rotisserie Chicken

Foodies Expose the Alarming Business Behind Costco's $4.99 Rotisserie Chicken

At $4.99 apiece, Costco’s rotisserie chicken costs less than a plethora of edibles including a good cup of coffee, which explains why 100 million of these birds are sold yearly. It does, however, beg the question: How was this retailer able to keep the price at $4.99 amidst two decades of soaring food inflation? A…

Employees Revolt From Return to Office Mandates and Start Working From the “Happiest Place on Earth”

The happiest place in the world

For many employees – even those who enjoy working at their jobs – calling their office the happiest place in the world would be a bit of a stretch.  But Some Workplaces CAN Be the Happiest Place in the World Some professionals, however, have found a way to make this a reality by taking their…

We’re ‘Boiling the Ocean’: For the Last Year The World’s Seas Have Broken Temperature Records Every Single Day

We're 'Boiling the Ocean' For the Last Year The World’s Seas Have Broken Temperature Records Every Single Day

World ocean temperature records have soared to a new high over the past year, and climate change is the main suspect. The Earth’s Oceans Have Been the Warmest Since 1940 Justin Rowlat, speaking to The BBC, weighed in on data produced by the European Union’s Climate service, Copernicus.  Rowlat noted that every day for the…

Inside the Lawsuit that Threatens Everything Dollar General Doesn’t Want You To Know

Dollar General

Dollar General, a nearly 20,000-strong empire with a presence in every county, has a dark secret–a lawsuit for deceptive conduct. What most of its customers don’t know is that this behavior has been costing them more than they have bargained for over the last seven years. Dollar General Has Been Hit With $20 Million in…

17 Tips for Decluttering Your Home Like You Have a Built-In Turbocharger

A Cluttered Office

Decluttering your home can be a daunting task that is too often complicated by organizational failure.As if that is not enough, there are other hurdles like a lack of enthusiasm and sentiment. Jerry Pinkas addresses all of this in his how-to video. 1.) ‘Decluttering Is Not About Getting Rid of Everything’ Only get rid of…

15 Airline Secrets The Crew Knows But NEVER Tell Passengers

15 Airline Secrets The Crew Knows But NEVER Tell Passengers

Airlines strive to maintain a stress-free atmosphere for passengers and in their efforts to accomplish this leave them in the dark about the risks.  Seasoned jet-setter Megan—through her YouTube channel, Portable Professional—shares insider information, including the rationale behind dimming cabin lights and the persistence of ashtrays in bathrooms. She also shockingly revealed an ax and…

Luxury Real Estate Agent Sells Multi-Million Dollar Mansions but Lives in a Simple Tiny House

Rich The Real Estate Agent's Tiny Home

Like chefs and tour guides, real estate agents can become weary of the products they sell. For chefs, it’s palate fatigue, and for tour guides, it’s destination fatigue. What is it called when a luxury real estate agent, disenchanted with lavish properties, chooses to live in a home the size of an RV? Bigger Is…

Tesla Cyber Rust: A Tragedy On Four Wheels


The much-anticipated Cyber truck from Tesla has been on the streets for less than a year and to say that it has lived up to expectations would be, in the opinion of many, far from the truth. In Adam Something’s latest review, he reveals that the purported vehicle of the future is prone to rust….

Florida Has A People Problem and It’s Only Getting Worse

Crowds of People in Florida

It’s not all sunshine and roses in the Sunshine State. According to a new documentary by YouTube’s Something Different Films, America’s 27th state is harboring a dire concern: Runaway population growth. A Sort-After Location Administered by its four largest cities: Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, and Tampa, the region is different from its neighboring states and proud…