David Arthur

David holds a Masters of Science degree, is a USGBC LEED-AP, Green Building Consultant, and Energy Auditor. In addition, David holds professional certifications in green building and construction management.
Christmas Tree

Holiday Reflections On Living Smaller, Living Lighter

Observing the obsessions of most people during this season that seems to revolve almost exclusively around consumption, the simple ideas of living smaller and living lighter on our environment might appear almost sacrilegious. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit a local big-box retailer to pick up a couple of modest items. This is one of those super-superstores with everything from groceries to pets, to electronics, to hardware. As I searched for the makings for humus to go along…

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Sealed Combustion Furnace

Is Your Oversized Furnace Wasting Your Money?

An oversized furnace is a very wasteful shortcut taken by many LEED homebuilders and HVAC service providers. The result is that many unsuspecting homeowners are straddled with an appliance that overly dries their indoor air, wastes copious energy, and sends a lot of money right up the chimney. When it comes to heating appliances, bigger is usually not better. The only truly green heating or cooling system is one that is appropriately sized for the building. HVAC Efficiency Numbers The…

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Farmer's Market vegetables.

Sustainable Food: Food Myths Busted

Sustainable Foods Under Attack Big Agribusiness loves to throw around dire predictions of impending world hunger. According to their press releases, if not for their genetically modified organisms, petrochemical fertilizers, and their long list of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, society would be doomed. Then there are the hormones and constant use of antibiotics which keep our cattle healthy and fast-growing so we can enjoy beef at the low cost that we Americans demand. The popular press too often laps up…

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Energy Audit -- The Home As a System

Why You Need An Energy Audit

You need to have an energy audit performed on your home so it functions more with LEED efficiency. As a green home consultant, there are preciously few definitive pieces of advice that I can give all-comers. It seems that I am always qualifying any advice on home upgrades–telling the homeowner that the right choice depends on the location of the home, local codes, whether the primary energy load is cooling or if it is heating, the type of heating fuel…

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Rainwater Storage with the Original Rainwater Pillow

Rainwater storage seems like a no-brainer. Rain falling on your roof is often whisked away the storm sewer where it has to be dealt with as waste. Meanwhile, you pay a small fortune to buy water for watering your lawn, irrigating your garden, or perhaps washing your car. The Original Rainwater Pillow could make serious rainwater storage an affordable reality for homeowners. The Water Problem Nearly every area of the United States and much of Canada has been touched by…

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