Chris Keenan

is a green and general blog writer. He also maintains a personal cooking blog.

Two Steps Towards A VOC Free, Green Nursery

My wife and I are expecting our first child in March. As new parents-to-be we are beyond excited. But we’re also nervous. We want to make sure we bring our child into a clean and safe environment, one free of toxins and pollutants. So we’ve set to work on making the baby’s room an eco and pollutant free nursery. Whether you are expecting or just want to make your rooms a little more green, there are two big things you want to keep in mind…

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Is Your Garage Green?

The garage is so much more than just a place to store our cars. With all this extra usage, it’s more important than ever to make sure your garage is green and free of potentially harmful pollutants.

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Creative Reuse of a Garage Door

When you buy a new garage door, hopefully one that is green, the old one is typically taken away and disposed of in a land fill. While some companies will take the old door and try to refurbish and sell it or will recycle the material, others simply toss it. But there are many creative ways you can re-purpose your garage door. Just let your imagination run wild and you can quickly come up with a number of inventive ways to reuse…

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Energy Efficient Garage Door Tax Credit

It isn’t easy being a homeowner right now. The country is only just beginning to recover from the biggest economic crises since the great depression, home values are way down, unemployment is high, and things just keep getting more expensive; including energy bills. There are lot’s of great ways to reduce our energy consumption, helping both the planet and our wallet; from energy efficient light bulbs to hybrid cars. But one of the biggest energy wasters is usually also the…

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Solar Panel Garage Door

Hybrid cars are gaining in popularity thanks to sporty models like the Toyota Prius. These vehicles prove to the average consumer that you can drive a more fuel efficient vehicle without making a big trade off in style or power from a traditional gas only vehicle. These types of hybrids, known as parallel hybrids, still rely on gasoline. At low speeds they use an electric motor which is charged when the car breaks. At high speeds, however, the regular gas…

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Going Green With Your Garage Door

When it comes to home improvement there are many options available for going green, from windows and doors to insulation and paint. The garage door, the biggest door in your home, is no exception. There are a number of ways you can go green with your garage door. Two options that can make the biggest impact are making energy efficient upgrades or entirely replacing your garage door. Upgrade Your Garage Door If your garage feels like an icebox in the…

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