Carolyn Fortuna

With a Ph.D. from URI, Carolyn draws upon digital media literacy and learning to spread the word about sustainability issues. Instructor at Rhode Island College, writer for CleanTechnica and founder of IDigItMedia.
The Sustainable City

The Sustainable City: A Book Review & Exploration into Living Systems

Steven Cohen’s The Sustainable City is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the future of the built environment… or who is curious how to create an economic and resilient human habitat .. or who wants to focus on infrastructure that minimizes emissions of conventional air pollutants … or whose areas of interest are protecting biodiversity and enacting climate action goals. The Sustainable City, as you are now beginning to see, appeals to all of us who believe that a sustainable,…

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green building knowledge

Feed that Desire for More Green Building Knowledge

Infusing green building knowledge into our lives starts with a yearning to create a positive, lasting change in the way we interact with the planet. That inspiration can lead us to seek out information and guidance from others to join a movement to a more sustainable lifestyle. We know that, although we may not be able to build or renovate a home or business so that it’s 100% sustainable, we can approach green building spaces with a goal to accomplish…

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green building design

Green Building Design Gaining Momentum in 2018

Green district certifications have ramped up slowly over the decade since the US Green Building Council unveiled LEED-Neighborhood Development. Now communities, health advocates, and market forces are driving new developments in sustainable construction. An explosion in certified green buildings has led sustainable-infrastructure advocates to push for more neighborhoods, campuses, business districts, and cities to track and enhance their evolution toward sustainability. Let’s check out the recent news in green building design and see the progress being made toward a net-zero…

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