Architectural Staircases That Defy Gravity and Beauty

Back in my early 20’s, when I used to be the denizen of the city (that’s what New Yorkers call Manhattan); I had a brief stint at the Mercer Kitchen as a restaurant hostess. Besides their impeccably delicious and renowned food, I always loved the thoughtful and eclectic design of this iconic hotel and restaurant, especially the floating stair case at the entrance of Mercer Kitchen. Standing there at the hostess podium downstairs; I would sometimes look up and inadvertently see guests’ panties while they were on the way to the bathroom who were all blissfully unaware  or perhaps even acutely aware that I could see their nether region.

The most famous person I got to see coming down was Cameron Diaz. I was admiring her skirt and tanned legs until I realized who she was. All the male co-workers quickly gathered around the podium and smiled at her as she walked by. Designed by Parisian designer, Christian Liaigre, This all too revealing sub floating staircase was what started my love for modern zen architecture and passion for beautiful builds.

While some builders and designers might overlook the staircase, Here are some that celebrate the much overlooked functional materials and give an artistic edge that truly shows off their beauty and functionality. “Staircases are one of the most important building elements in a house,” Will and Guy from Guy Sports says,  “They reflect architectural philosophies and in these examples showcase the talent and ingenuity of their designers.”

“Geoffrey Packard designed this amazing staircase above.   In fact, this one of Packard’s DNA inspired staircases, if you have ever seen pictures of those double-helix molecules, then you can see the similarity.” Will and Guy

Source: Curbly, Apartment Therapy

Photo Source: Mercer Staircase photo by Emile Dubuisson via L’Observatoire International, Curbly, HSH Architects, 1100 Architect

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