Aqua Creations Uses Biomimicry to Design Lighting and Furniture

Light Collection

Architects, engineers and designers are now doing what scientists, naturalists and environmentalists have been doing, instead of trying to change the planet in the name of progress they are looking at the planet’s progress. Mankind imitating and looking at how nature changes, its adaptability and sustainability properties and using those characteristics to solve human problems is called Biomimicry.

Red Sea Star

Biomimicry can be found in materials’ inherent properties, their shape, and their environmental impact. Examples of this are the spider web and its strength, a dolphin’s use of sonar to navigate, and in chromatophores, cells that contain pigments and are light reflective, which some reptiles and fish have which allow them to ‘change’ colors. A more commonly known phenomenon is fireflies and their ability to glow. This is called bioluminescence and is the genetic anomaly also found in marine life.

Floor Lights
Designer-Artist, Ayala Serfaty and her photographer partner, husband, Albi Serfaty created a company that mimics marine life, uses natural materials, and brings sustainability technology to the forefront of light and furniture design. Aqua Creations opened in 1994 in Tel-Aviv, Israel and has grown to have a USA office in New York and products that are sold in companies in 29 countries.
Anana Poof Chair
Wall Sconces

Aqua Creations’ lighting and furniture lines are all hand-made and can be customized to be site specific. These lines include the Apaya Light and the Anana Chair which represent cellular life forms.  Some of the natural materials that are used in Serfaty’s designs are mohair, silk, angora felt, clay, and glass.

“Sensuality of materials and forms, as well as softness of light characterise and distinguish Aqua Creations on the current design scene.”

The lighting lines include 11 collections in sculpture appearance and multiple colors. These collections can be found in typical light functions as:

Shelf Lights
  •  Pendants
  • Mobile
  • Floor
  • Shelf
  • Table
  • Ceiling
  • Wall sconces

Two examples of places that have incorporated Serfaty’s designs and advance technology are the Nhow Hotel in Milan and the Red Sea Star in Eilat, Israel, which opened in 1998.  The Red Sea Star is unique in that it is an underwater restaurant and resembles its surrounding aquatic environment.

Serfaty’s artistic abilities allowed for the business of Aqua Creations to unfold, but to enhance the design world with beautiful, nature-influenced products, that is what the science of Biomimicry is about.

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