AquaCity Poprad: A Water Park and Resort That is Environmentally Friendly

As temperatures climb higher and the summer sun shines brighter, many people look for a well-deserved vacation destination. Water parks are a high demand attraction and a costly one to the environment in most cases.

But one water park is as entertaining as it is environmentally friendly. It is AquaCity Poprad in Poprad, Slovakia. This water park and spa getaway is located at the base of the Tatras Mountains, opened in 2007 and was founded by Jan Telensky.

Under the health and sport areas, AquaCity offers Cryotherapy, fitness and spinning, a sports area, and the use of the thermal, naturally heated, water.

Cryotherapy is an advanced medicinal practice where people wearing special moisture-free clothing enter two separate chambers, the first at 60 degrees (C) and the second at -120 degrees (C). After spending two to three minutes, max, in the Cryo chamber they return to the first chamber and then exit after their body has readjusted to the temperature changes. This is followed by an intense 20-30 minutes of exercise to get the blood flowing. This procedure is shown to relieve inflammation and other symptoms, plus increases the body’s endorphin and hormone levels.

In 2007, after first opening, AquaCity was voted by World Travel Awards as the World’s Greenest Resort.

This is one destination that you can feel just as good about visiting as they make you feel during your visit. A relaxing, beautiful getaway that is good for you and the environment.

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