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Residential Energy Efficiency: Taking It To The Next Level

Recent years have seen an explosion of advances in design, technology and other resources to reduce waste and drive down utility bills. The problem is that many property owners still don’t take advantage of energy saving opportunities, even when they demonstrably save money over the long run.

Exterior Sheathing System Improves Energy Efficiency

C-SIS exterior sheathing system

Composite Panel Building Systems announced the introduction of a new sheathing system that can improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings and homes, as well as new construction projects.  The C-SIS exterior sheathing system combines insulation, an air/water barrier, structural components, and a water drainage plane into a compact panel that can be installed easily…

Guest Post: New Tools for Improving Energy Efficiency at Universities

Any time we hear about improving energy efficiency we get excited. Read this guest post from Danielle Kershner, with contributing help from Keri Masterson.  Intelligent buildings can now match the demands of multi-faceted institutions By Danielle Kershner of Eco Brandit Reducing energy consumption to save money is a concept becoming increasingly important. But how are…

Thermal Bridging Guide Provides Energy Efficiency Solutions

Building Envelope Thermal Analysis Guide

Morrison Hershfield announced last week that the book Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide – Analysis, Applications, and Insights is now public and can be downloaded. The guide aims to overcome obstacles confronting the industry with respect to mitigating thermal bridging to reduce energy consumption in buildings. According to the guide, “thermal bridging is caused by highly conductive…

Log Home Builders Specializing in Beetle-Killed Pine & Energy Efficiency

I have had the pleasure of writing about this Colorado company before and its skilled use of beetle-killed pine in some of the homes it builds. For those interested in log homes, or issues involving beetle-kill pine, this is a company worth following. What follows is taken from an old post, just to whet the…

California State Bear Promoting Energy Efficiency

Wheres the Bear

The beloved California state bear is taking on another role, as he climbs down from his place on the state flag to spread the word about the importance of energy efficiency.  Traveling across the state for the next two weeks, the bear will share ways Californians can take steps to save money by using power…

Using Flow Meters To Improve Building Energy Efficiency

We write a considerable amount of content concerning improving a building’s energy efficiency and how to manage it with a flow meter. This guest article from Sara Thompson provides some useful information on the subject. Buildings in the United States accounted for 41 percent of the nation’s energy consumption in 2010, 44 percent more than…

Guest Post: Energy Efficiency Bill Gets An Upgrade

U.S. senators passed a new bill this month called S.3591, the “Commercial Building Modernization Act,” that extends and strengthens the existing 179D commercial building tax deduction for energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings.

Guest Post: Energy Efficiency’s Benefits to Businesses

The sad reality is that many businesses and offices still leave their lights and computer systems switched on through the night, wasting energy and adding to their costs. These issues are easily addressed – a memo asking employees to switch off lights and computers as they leave, is a simple solution, and the first step in making a change in the collective thinking of everyone involved.

GUEST POST: Underfloor Heating Fuels Energy Efficiency

Underfloor heating is an incredibly efficient way to heat the rooms of a house; it can be relatively cheap to install, there are no mechanisms on show and no maintenance. One of its main benefits is that the heat is distributed evenly about the air space of a room, again making it more efficient to run.

Energy Efficiency at -30 Degrees Fahrenheit

Across the arctic and subarctic, many native tribes still occupy their traditional lands — but most do so in decidedly non-traditional ways. Western products of every description have been adopted by northern peoples, but one of the products that is least suited to the northern climate has also become one of the most widespread: wood…

What is the most energy-efficient fridge for solar power?

The GoSun Chillest is the most energy-efficient fridge for solar power, according to our reviews. The GoSun features the latest technology, with an efficient compressor, thick insulation, and dual-zone cooling that optimizes its energy efficiency in almost any circumstance. It can be charged via a variety of power sources, and includes matched solar panels. But…

Clothes Dryers Get Energy Star Honor

Energy Efficient Clothers Dryers

It’s hard to imagine, but statistics show that the average home spends about $2,000 on energy alone every year. Clothes dryers account for about 6% of this amount, which makes them the biggest domestic energy consumers (1). For a long time, clothes dryers weren’t subject to Energy Star rating because their energy efficiency remained virtually…

5 Cool Energy-Saving Gadgets You’ve Probably NEVER Heard Of

Cool Energy Saving Gadgets

One of the major challenges every homeowner faces is how to reduce their utility bills. According to ENERGY STAR®, the average household in the U.S. spends at least $2,000 a year on utility bills (1). This accounts for about 7% of the average homeowner’s income (2). If you’re one of these homeowners, you might want…

5 Ways to Determine if Solar Energy is Right for You

Is Solar Energy is Right for You

Solar is one of the fastest growing alternative sources of energy, with its adoption increasing exponentially. Experts predict the solar energy market will experience a record 14% growth in 2020 alone. You might feel like you’re missing out, but is solar energy for you? Residential adoption means more common household products are being run by…

What Are Sources For Biomass Energy?

You can source energy from biomass such as trees or plants, agricultural waste, wood, animal waste, crops, etc. Since biomass energy comes from burning carbon dioxide-infused organic materials, there’s a wide range of mediums to choose from. The future viability will depend on efficiency, as with all potential energy sources.