Straw Bale Homes Offer Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective Remedy for the UK Government

straw bale house
Public housing constructed with straw bales – Jenny Pickerill

We all know the story of the three little pigs. The first pig who made his house made with straws got eaten by the big bad wolf. However, for homeowners and builders, homes built with straw bales may have redeeming qualities of being energy-efficient and cost-effective.

It has become such an attractive green building material that even the UK government believe it has the potential to bale out the economic crisis felt even abroad.

According to the Guardian, residents in the UK were offered council houses or public social housing in a remote village of Lincolnshire, a county located in northwest England. The homes themselves were constructed with straw bales-a natural building material that recently increased in popularity due to its sustainability and low-cost building method.

“A typical straw bale wall is roughly three times as efficient as conventional framing,” says Andrew Morrison, owner of  Straw Bale Innovations. “Over the life of a typical thirty year mortgage, this superior insulation can reduce energy costs by up to 75%, saving money and vital natural resources.”