5 Tools That Everyone In The Renovation Industry Should Be Using


When it comes to home renovations, there are several essential tools which will help to get the job done. It is important to have a well-stocked kit bag, otherwise, it may be extremely difficult or even impossible to complete certain jobs.

It is important to shop around and compare quality when buying new tools. There is nothing more disheartening for a builder to discover that their new tools are not up to the task at hand. A situation like that can be extremely problematic and needs to be avoided. This is a guide to the five tools which everyone should be using for Perth renovations.


+ Powered Screwdriver

Screwing in nails by hand can be a time-consuming process. Hand-screwed nails are also in danger of coming loose, which can make renovation work potentially unsafe. Buy a powered screwdriver in order to avoid this situation. Powered screwdrivers enable screws to be fastened into place as tightly as possible. Ensuring that screws are properly fastened into place ensures that structures are completely sound. There is also a health benefit to using a powered screwdriver – manual screwdrivers can put unnecessary strain on the joints and tendons in the wrist as it turns. Using a powered screwdriver with a fixed handle ensures that the wrist stays firmly in one place. Perth renovations by Addstyle* use only the best tools like powered screwdrivers.

+ Oscillating Tool

An oscillating tool is a vital piece of kit and should be one of the first tools in any builder’s kit bag. The oscillating tool could be seen as the Swiss Army knife of the profession because it is extremely versatile and is suited to a wide range of jobs. There is a range of attachments which allow for cutting, grinding, scraping and sanding. Cordless oscillators can be used anywhere. Oscillating tools come with a gauge which allows builders to adjust the speed of the oscillator. This allows people to work at a speed which is comfortable and safe for them.

+ Cordless Jigsaw

A cordless jigsaw is next on the list. This is the perfect tool for cutting up plywood and pine boards with a neat finish. Manually sawing wood can be a time-consuming task, but the cordless jigsaw makes it extremely easy. The cordless saw is manoeuvrable and there is no danger of accidentally slicing through any cables.

+ Reciprocating Saw

Sawing through 2x4s or cutting through nails by hand can be a builder’s nightmare. To save time and effort, buy a powered reciprocating saw to make these tasks extremely easy. The power of this type of electric saw means that they can also be used to clear branches.

+ Circular Saw

Circular saws are extremely practical because they don’t take up the same kind of space as table saws. Circular saws can be used for a wide variety of jobs, which makes them essential for any builder to have.

There are many other tools that a builder needs, but use this guide to assembling a kit bag with essential renovation tools.

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