5 Remarkable Recycled Homes

A number of innovative structures have been created using materials that might otherwise have been destined for the landfill. Here are five examples of what we’ve found, thanks to the The Daily Green, Flavorwire, and Design Buzz.

1. New Life for a Grain Silo House

This Woodland, Utah was built from two repurposed grain silos. Flavorwire author Emily Temple states that “the inside is surprisingly modern and gorgeous.” Dismantling and moving the grain silo sections seems as if it presents the biggest logistical challenge.  Photo courtesy Gigaplex Architects; Source: Flavorwire 

 2. House of Bottled Dreams

According to Flavorwire, this is one of three bottle houses built by Édouard T. Arsenault on Prince Edward Island, Canada. The house has been assembled using 25,000 recycled bottles. Not sure about structural integrity, but it’s nice seeing these bottles someplace different than the trash can. Photo by Keith Watson via Flickr; Source: Flavorwire

3. Shipping Container House

For anyone who has ever wondered about the fate of cargo shipping containers, take a look. Design Buzz writes that this container house has been designed to lower the impact of the environment. The floor is made of recycled car tires. The structure  can be used as an independent unit or with other structures. Source: Design Buzz

4. Recycled Religion House

Who can’t pass the opportunity to repurpose an old church? Here, Adrian Wright has converted an 1870’s Anglican church in East Cambridgeshire, England into a stunning living space.
The Daily Green’s Brian Clark Howard writes, “Wright’s finished work is a marvel, with underfloor gas central heating, a comfortable living/dining/kitchen area, master suite and ample parking. It includes a study and 2,275 square feet of open-plan space.” Photo: Adrian Wright; Source: thedailygreen

5. An Earthship House

Earthships are made of mud and reused materials, such as old tires, bottles and tile. Earthships take advantage of the cheapness and availability of building materials, and are very well insulated. “Many include solar panels or other renewable energy sources,” writes Brian Clark Howard, “as well as water recycling systems and green roofs. Source: thedailygreen

There are many great examples of homes or structures that have been built with recycled materials. Send us photos or stories if you have example to share.


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