Natural Wool Insulation Creates Smarter, Healthier Spaces

September 26, 2017

By Aisha Abdelhamid

Ahead-of-the-trend green builders, architects, and homeowners are excited about using healthy, sustainable sheep’s wool insulation for new construction, and retrofitting existing homes and businesses. An all-natural fiber evolved by Mother Nature to surmount even the most extreme environmental conditions, wool wicks away moisture naturally without rotting or molding, while holding warm air in during winter and keeping it out during summer.

Sheep’s wool has long been recognized by the textile industry as a smart, sustainable material to protect humans from the elements. Now, innovating on the environmental and health advantages of sustainable sheep’s wool, a Nevada startup named Havelock Wool is offering wool insulation building products from regularly shorn, free-roaming sheep in New Zealand (there are 31.1 million by one recent count).

Pioneering Sustainable Sheep’s Wool Insulation for Eco-Friendly Homes & Businesses

As the textile industry transitioned away from wool to synthetic fibers, the need and opportunity to innovate and find a sustainable use for this natural product presented itself to Havelock Wool’s founder, Andrew Legge. Traveling throughout New Zealand, Legge discovered local small-scale builders using sheep’s wool for acoustic and thermal insulation. Foreseeing win-win opportunities for sheep farmers, builders, and consumers, Legge trusted his business instincts and launched Havelock Wool.

And now, three years later, the Reno, Nevada-based startup is pioneering sustainable sheep’s wool in a big way. Offering wool insulation products for both remodels and new construction, Legge and company are successfully ‘horning in’ on the $16 billion/year US residential and commercial insulation markets.

Utilizing an insulation blower, Havelock Wool loose fill insulation can be installed without the need for protective clothing and without the risk of respiratory or other health dangers associated with fiberglass and some other types of insulation. Likewise, the company’s bat insulation carries no associated health risks or special clothing requirements, and can easily be installed by hand – often without professional assistance.

Applying Smart Environmental Advantages With Natural Wool Insulation

Natural wool insulation offers home and businesses many smart enviro