Tiny Techtonics Timber Urban Infill Wins Passivhaus Trust Award

July 27, 2016

Techtonics Architects has won the coveted Passivhaus Trust award, featuring its tiny techtonics timber urban infill home.

Techtonics Passivhaus Trust award winning house

Designed by Techtonics Architects, the firm describes the design which was used:

“We have just completed a new build ‘Passivhaus’, a very low energy construction following principles for comfort and energy developed in Germany by the Passivhaus Institute based on high insulation, low air leakage and control of ventilation.

“The 2-storey house consists of an in-situ reinforced concrete lower level, half sunken from street level, and a prefabricated upper level structure in Cross Laminated Timber.

“The main construction components have been left exposed internally, from structural concrete or timber panels to conduits and ducts, providing a simple palette of materials and a very direct sense of the construction.”

 And then there is Lansdowne Drive house in East London was built on a tiny site, with its lower level half underground to minimize height; the living room and kitchen are on the upper level. The house itself is just 1011 square feet.

According to the Passivhaus Trust:

Techtonics’ architectural approach aimed to respond to the context in terms of volume, and to create a building with the generic simplicity, flexibility, light and character found in industrial or studio spaces.

Set half a level down from the street, the house appears as a low zinc-clad chamfered volume, behind a garden wall. A large open plan ‘Upper Ground floor’ forms the living area, with generous windows to the west and distant views across urban gardens. The entrance, bedrooms and bathrooms occupy the lower level.

You can see all the winners and runners-up for the Passivhaus Trust Awards here.

Image via Techtonics Architects





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