Stress-Free Solar Panel Mounts for Tile Rooftops Shine at InterSolar

July 18, 2016

solar panel mounts for tile roofs

Launching the premier solar event in North America, Intersolar is spreading solar energy all over San Francisco this week from July 12 through 14. This is our continent’s most-attended solar event, with over 500 solar and energy innovations on exhibition. With so many great booths to explore, let’s just dive in and take a look at some cool new solar panel mounts that caught my eye.

Quick Mount PV, a local manufacturer of solar panel mounts in Walnut Creek, is showcasing a terrific new stress reliever for homeowners wanting solar panels on their Spanish tile rooftops.

Filling a Need for New Solar Panel Mounts

Mediterranean-style tiled roofs are often highly unique, exquisite, and expensive investments for discerning homeowners. Tile rooftop solar installations can be tricky and time-consuming. Crucial for protecting against water leaks, accurately grinding and cutting tiles to fill in and clean up an installation’s appearance can significantly add to labor costs and time on the job. Sometimes properties are very old, and matching replacement tiles are not readily available, as well. All of these factors can add uncomfortable layers of stress for both homeowners and solar installers.

Providing a quick and convenient way to attach solar panels to these popular tile roofs is Quick Mount PV‘s solution for stress-free success. CEO Claudia Wentworth explains, “We saw a need in the marketplace for a simple and efficient method to mount solar on tile without compromising waterproofing or code requirements.”

Founded in 2006, Quick Mount PV has quickly become the solar industry’s leading manufacturer of rooftop solar panel mounts. All of its innovative products are made in the USA and are 100 percent code-compliant.

Waterproof solar panel mounts are critical on tile roofs. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Waterproof solar panel mounts are critical on tile roofs. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Works Perfectly for All Standard Curved and Flat Tile Roofs

Fully IBC compliant and engineered to meet the solar industry’s best practices, the Quick Mount PV Tile Replacement Mount features a patented waterproofing method called “Elevated Water Seal” technology. These new patented solar panel mounts have a universal base mount that works perfectly with all three flashing types: flat tiles, S-shaped tiles, and W-shaped tiles.

Quick Mount PV reports, “The new mount works with all standard curved and flat tile roofs, as well as all standard rail-based racking systems.”

Additionally, the universal base mount comes with a 20-year warranty and is sold separately from flashings and posts. Quick Mount PV notes that selling it separately offers distributors and installers more flexibility due to cost-effective packaging and stocking options.

Innovative solar panel mounts for tile roofs. Credit:

Innovative solar panel mounts for tile roofs. Credit:

“The stress relief of having extra tiles is priceless!”

Based in neighboring Pleasant Hill, Wired Into the Future Solar Owner Dean Rafaat really likes these new solar panel mounts. “The Tile Replacement Mount is really innovative,” says Rafaat, “it not only makes installs go much faster, but also creates spare tiles on the job.”

Rafaat continues, “Because there’s no tile grinding or cutting necessary, it really reduces our installation time. We just measure out the roof, put the mounts in, replace the tiles and start laying modules. And the stress relief of having extra tiles is priceless!”

Check out this vimeo if you’re interested to know more about these cool new solar panel mounts for tile roofs:



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