illuma-Drive Focuses On Smarter Lighting Systems

April 29, 2016

The future of lighting systems has evolved, thanks to companies like iLLUMA-Drive.

As the Ontario, Canada-based iLLUMA-Drive states on its website, the future is the platform on which it is operating.

“Not your ordinary lighting system, our forward-thinking [system] focuses on sustainability with smart technology. The iLLUMA-Drive Intelligent Lighting System interfaces with a wide range of control software and hardware. Our enabling technology offers a comprehensive range of control options conducive to today’s busy family, ultimately providing full control.”

illuma Drive lighting system

Take note here: the company describes itself as a green DC energy company that plans to reinvent both the home and workplace use of power through their unique solution. They do this by reinventing the way LED fixtures are powered and controlled by centralizing both the AC/DC power conversion external to the LED fixtures and providing smart control.

iLLUMA-Drive CEO derekPortraitFounder and CEO Derek Hopkins has some 25 years of experience in the low voltage industry. Starting from a small family based security company he has worked hands on with intrusion systems, CCTV, access control, and automation systems. He has worked with companies such as Honeywell and Reliance and secured national accounts across Ontario.


The iLLUMA-Drive Intelligent Lighting System has been developed to interface with a wide range of control software and hardware. As the company states, coupled with third-party controls, this “enabling technology provides a comprehensive range of control options.”

Illuma Drive iD1 lighting system offers full control over LED light fixtures


The iLLUMA-Drive Series iD1 is an integrated and compact 4-zone DC powered control panel which can be used for high power LED lighting applications.

The separate channels of the iD1 can control numerous DC LED Lighting applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Importantly, this system operates from DC input voltage in order to control up to 40 LED fixtures.

This system allows daisy-chaining of LED fixtures and can broadcast sequences and control to all connected iD1 units. iD1 units can operate on a stand alone or network configuration.

Check out this smart LED lighting platform.

Image via iLLUMA-Drive




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