Fair Energy Initiative Tackles High Energy Costs

April 11, 2016

The Fair Energy Initiative seeks to protect consumers from unfair energy practices and charges.

The Fair Energy Initiative, launched by the US Consumer Coalition (USCC), seeks to become a powerful voice for all Americans faced with a complex and changing energy industry. USCC will be engaging in a dialogue across the country with State and Federal officials, the media, energy experts and consumers to ensure energy industry practices are fair, protect choice and lower costs.

“In any family or business budget, the cost of energy is a major expense that continues to rise,” said Brian Wise, President of USCC. “As the industry changes and innovative products emerge, consumers will benefit from a more level playing field. More competition in the market coming from expanding sources of energy will lower costs and provide reliable energy for all Americans.”

The Fair Energy Initiative seeks to protect consumers from unfair energy practices and charges.The first issue the initiative will tackle is the unfair practice of energy companies passing the costs for public electric vehicle charging stations on to ratepayers who don’t use them. “Most consumers have no idea that the plan from the utility industry is to pass the bill for what will ultimately be billions of dollars in new infrastructure along to consumers who can’t afford electric vehicles,” said Wise. “Hard-working Americans shouldn’t be paying to charge some Hollywood celebrity’s Tesla. That isn’t fair.”

The US Consumer Coalition believes that excessive regulation, restrictions on the development of new sources of energy, and special interest politics adversely affect America’s consumers by driving up energy prices, stifling innovation, and restricting research and development in the industry.

The organization also hopes that promoting fairer energy policies that expand innovation and choice will also strengthen national security and stimulate a robust economy.

“Americans deserve energy that is reliable, sustainable and affordable,” said Wise. “The best way to do that is to inform and activate America’s consumers to ensure we have an energy future that embraces competition, and a diversified marketplace for production and distribution.”

The USCC has several consumer protection initiatives that they are supporting including one to support agricultural innovation and one to save Uber. Those wishing to get involved should visit usconsumers.org.

Source and Photo: PR Newswire, DepositPhotos



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