Study Points Out Infrastructure Requirements To Obtain Near 100% Renewable Electricity

November 3, 2015

To reduce contributors to climate change and grow worldwide renewable electricity use, having the proper infrastructure in place is a critical ingredient.

Due to increasing environmental concerns, numerous studies have been reporting on the best ways to reduce GHG emissions. Some of the most effective actions that can be taken are to reduce emissions by increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the electric sector, and increasing the share of electrification in some high energy intensive sectors, such as transport and heating.

This requires infrastructure.

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To this end, a timely study from Leonardo Energy explores infrastructure requirements necessary for supporting possible pathways to a 100% or near-100% renewable energy source electric power sector in Europe.

The study points to transport and heating as energy intensive sectors that must increase their share of renewable energy sources in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But this is no simple process, states Leonardo Energy:

“This will certainly require an extreme transformation of those sectors, and it will require very significant infrastructure expansions. The magnitude of those expansions will probably be enough to have a strong impact in the economy, probably requiring an effort to develop suitable technical solutions and an increase in production capacity in some industrial sectors, all of which require time and careful planning.”

Most of us may understand that change is inevitable; making changes, however, to an existing delivery infrastructure is a daunting undertaking. Such an infrastructure includes businesses and employees, banks, new technology and governments.


Fifteen scenarios are analyzed in this study, “according to a set of indicators in order to assess both the objective quality of the analysis performed in each one of them, and the usefulness of the data provided for the objectives of this report: to provide some insight on the consequences of reaching 100% RES regarding infrastructure investments.”

For renewable energy officials in both Europe and elsewhere, this is a study worth knowing.

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