Tiny Houseboat Gets the Tiny House Treatment

February 25, 2015


The tiny house movement continues to make big strides, but one group of people has already been putting clever thinking to use embiggening tiny spaces for years: houseboaters. Even so, some houseboat designs are clearly better than others, and that’s where this classy Hausbót comes in.

Designed by Mjölk architects, this houseboat moored outside of Prague, in the Czech Republic makes use of a clean, modern aesthetic and large windows to create a feeling of openness in the otherwise tiny living space.

A spokesperson for the Mjölk architects described their high-fashion houseboat as “(a way to) achieve the best value ratio” when it came to designing and building their dream home- something which has become cost prohibitive to many, people these days. “Most of our clients wants to live in their own house. Everyone of them wants to have a home in a beautiful place, most of them near to the center or very near to its developed infrastructure. At today´s prices to such an ideal place can realistically afford only a fraction of them,” he explains, in excellent, foreign-tinged English. “Our clients search their own way how to achieve the best value ratio. But the best value means different things for different people. If your claims are flexible enough and you can bear a few compromises you can get a reasonable things for good money. Sometimes we are asked to work on a plot which is on a steep hill that only a fool would buy, the other time we design a house so narrow that it remains of noodle where you can barely turn around. Each client sees the value elsewhere. When selecting the plot, the basis is to think and see the future. ‘How I live today, how will I live in two years or in ten years? Maybe I will need a stroller for triplets or I will become fond of cycling.’ Things are changing and a small analysis of our own lives wouldn´t hurt anybody.”

All of that, of course is just a fancy-schmancy way of saying “land is expensive, build a houseboat and put the money into improving your day to day life, instead.” So, what does a high-minded archtiect do with a houseboat and a reasonable budget? Check out the photo gallery, below, and see.


Mjölk Architects Hausbót








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