Tiny House Built in a Garage Has French Style

January 27, 2015

Garage before tiny house

You won’t believe this “tiny house” living space was built into a single-car garage, but it’s true!  The French “home” owner hasn’t told the City, however, so- if you happen to know where this house is- try to keep it on the down-low.

The owner couldn’t afford an apartment in the city, so he purchased a dilapidated garage full of old junk and turned it into a beautiful, tiny house-style living space.  With the help of an architect friend who had experience with similar build-outs, he set out to make his friends, who thought he was foolish to purchase the place, eat their words.

The sheet metal doorway was replaced by double-glazed glass and a massive sliding pine door.  Most of the interior space was left open to leave room for a spacious living area and a modern kitchen and dining table.  Everything else is contained within a block in a corner.  A sofa and workspace are visible from the rest of the room; behind are doors to a bathroom with a shower and toilet, a closet/dressing room, and stairs leading to a bed which is concealed on top of the structure.

The garage structure cost $94,000 to purchase, and the remodel added another $165,000, even with the owner doing some of the work himself.  While this may seem a bit steep, it is less expensive than purchasing an apartment in the city.  The space isn’t zoned for residential living, just remember: don’t tell the city!

French Tiny House Used to Be a 1-Car Garage

Garage After Tiny House

Interior of garage tiny house

Tiny house garage interior

Source | Photos: Tiny House for Us.



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