Demand for Sustainable Lumber Products Grows

January 21, 2015


Companies like Sustainable Northwest Woods (SNW), a small but growing Portland based company that specializes in supporting small mills in rural communities, are bolstering sustainable economic development and job creation with innovative new uses for sustainable wood and lumber products.

The company- which was started in 2008 and which has just moved to larger quarters- expects sustainable hardwoods to account for more than half its business shortly. SNW only carries forest products grown in the Pacific Northwest in forests that meet Forest Stewardship Council standards or as part of a stewardship program designed to help restore native ecosystems. They often organize tours of the forests where their products are grown and invite customers to visit the forests themselves to learn about harvesting practices.

Sustainable lumber comes from alder, maple, juniper, myrtle, walnut, white oak and Douglas fir. Two other woods unknown to Home Depot shoppers are madrone — a warm, durable wood preferred for flooring and find furniture — and albus — a unique hybrid of poplar and cottonwood with a uniform white color and delicate grain pattern ideal for interior trim and moldings.

Recently, SNW shipped three truck loads of material to the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado for use in its new headquarters. You could say its business is growing!


Sustainable Lumber Demands – and Jobs! – Continue to Grow


Source | Photos: Biz Journals; SNW.



Stephen Hanley

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