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Ohio’s Stunning New Veterans Memorial

Veterans 2

Some structures are as much a visual statement as they are a building to house people or things. The Guggenheim Museum in the architecturally-progressive city of New York and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC are two examples of powerful design. The new Ohio Veterans Memorial is another.

Designed by Allied Works Architecture, the design combines both landscaping and structure to create a place of sanctuary, ceremony, celebration, and reflection. The surrounding parkland is cut, carved and lifted into the sky, creating a processional path to the Memorial. The building itself is a series of concentric arches designed to hold and protect the contents of the building and the people who enter there. Taken together, both concepts support the ideas of service, duty and remembrance.

Located at the intersection of the new Scioto riverfront park and Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio, the 53,000 square foot museum houses exhibitions and artifacts that serve as a testimonial to the 250 years of military service of Ohio veterans. Begun in 2013, it is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

“The new Veterans Memorial and Museum is a powerful piece of architecture that combines building and landscape in one elegant and fluid gesture,” said Brad Cloepfil, principal and founder of Allied Works Architecture. “As a form, it represents the grace of the land of Ohio; as a source of light and ceremony, it will become a marker of inspiration for the city of Columbus.”

It is a fitting tribute to those it honors.


Ohio’s Veterans Memorial in Winter

Veterans 1

Source | Images: Evolo Magazine.

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